18 gifts handicrafts official celebration


Meet the criteria: good form, functional gifts, high economic value and associated with culture - history of 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi.

On 12/7 Jury contest form gifts celebration of 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi official selection of 18 handicraft products as gifts Hanoi served Great Hall.
The jury chose the one best product award, two second prizes, five third prizes and 10 consolation prizes. These products are made from many different materials such as sea grass, rattan, silk, copper, silver, precious stones, ceramic black ....
Model contest themed gift "Hanoi thousand years of civilization" took place from late February to May 7/2010 for the purpose of finding patterns souvenirs, gifts have high aesthetic value, with bold definition of history, culture of Thang Long - Ha Noi to serve tourists to attend the ceremony.
Composed sample gift in celebration of a 7 string operations in the framework of Every Week handicrafts Hanoi to welcome the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.
After launching, the contest received nearly 200 products of 60 units of 10 individuals involved in occupations: silk, bamboo weaving, sculpture, engraving copper, bronze casting, ceramics , embroidery, lacquer, silver, pearl.
Launching the form of gifts and awards celebration of 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi organized on the occasion of the opening week of crafts and fine arts in 2010 at the Culture Palace in Hanoi Friendship held on 4/8 .

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