18 provinces and cities attended Goods Fair Hanoi handicraft


This fair brings together the broad participation of businesses and artisans dealing in handicrafts of Hanoi and many provinces in the country.
There are over 400 booths of businesses in Hanoi and 18 provinces and cities participated, including many large enterprises have exported many years of participation in specialized fairs crafts in the world as Company Limited Quang Vinh ceramic, Red Doors Co., Ltd. Thai lacquer America, Ltd. bamboo Peace ...
No Fair booth this time were focused to create a more professional image for the organization with the presence of the special exhibit, the open spaces are designed by experts France, Spain, the Philippines directly.
Fair this year besides the presence of the importer in Vietnam, customers interested in arts and crafts furniture, even in the presence of fair trade organizations from Europe to participate expected.
Besides showcasing activities, exhibitions, trade transactions, Hanoi Industry and Trade Department also organized a seminar on design trends introduced in 2012-2013 and the market potential of northern Europe with the participation of matter experts from the forefront of Vietnam and the Philippines.
Handicraft industry of Hanoi are the encouraging developments in recent years with exports in 2010 reached $ 100 million. So this year's Fair is the basis for the city of Hanoi continued expansion in the coming years to become an advocate international fairs.
Fair takes place from 8-12 / 11/2011, at the Expo Centre, Giang Vo, Hanoi.

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