5 announced record at Hanoi flower street festival


5 record in Vietnam Hanoi Flower Street Festival 2009 will be announced and monuments established at Ly Thai To, Hanoi on 31/12 at 19 o'clock the next day.

Center of Vietnam record - Vietkings (HCMC) The organizers said the artists involved Hanoi flower street festival has registered a record suggestions made in this event.
5 proposed record includes: Sometimes the biggest flower dragon, streets of Bat Trang ceramic longest, largest wood fan, tunic collection of natural materials and first flowering fan leaves port Vietnam's biggest problem.

After researching, reviewing, advisory council and editorial Vietkings has officially recognized the record of this latest Vietnam.
The uniqueness of the record of this work will contribute to the public appeal to the flower street festival in 2009, an operation meant to promote culture - Hanoi Tourist, towards the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long.
Sometimes the biggest flower dragon: 15 meters long, 4.5 meters high, located in the city center, flowers, flanking both sides of the foot of the statue of King Ly Thai To, the highlight of the festival. 10,000 files are the fresh flowers in Da Lat.

The largest wood fan: 9m wide, 4.5m high, artisans and Fees Mo Duong Van Quang Ministry, Chang Son fan village, Thach That District, Hanoi made. Nan, pine, citrus, teak, rattan wicker woven grill box, hinges made of silk fabric, paint and Hang Trong paintings.
Ceramic blocks longest: the model 200 Old Quarter of Hanoi by Nguyen Ngoc Tuan artisans, Bat Trang done in 4 months. 50m streets, rooftops and 0.8m high, 0.3m low as 2 tons of clay.
Bath flower leaf biggest fan: long 12,6m higher Mach 5.6, the width is 0.95m tall with leaves fans all traditional woven bamboo stretch forming flowers. Each flower consists of 9 fan form 3 layers, 1m in diameter.
Collection tunic with natural materials first 10 collections tunic is associated entirely from natural materials such as flowers, dry leaves ..., bound together by resins, rubber ... The collection of artisan Nguyen Manh Hung was done in 90 days.

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