A rattan villages in poor rural areas


Woven rattan is more than 300-year tradition of Nghi Thai commune, Nghi Loc district - Nghe An, with handicraft products such as baskets, boxes, lampshades, bamboo trays, plates, vases, baskets, hot, Lithuania. ... in addition to serving the domestic demand, the village handicrafts are also customers from Japan, Germany, France, USA, Sweden ... preferred.
This traditional craft is guaranteed life for many generations in a poor neighborhood.
No gas production in the early days of the neighborhood Thai Loc - Nghi Thai commune was bustling. Anh Nguyen Manh Need (more than 40 years seniority) said: "Out Festival, many businesses (companies) have export orders, we have to win to keep up as early delivery. Nghi Thai agricultural commune, after harvest, people just weave rattan. "

Previously, people only simple knit items such as baskets, crates and brought to market in Vinh City and the surrounding areas. Since 2001, when Resolution 6 of the Provincial Committee on consolidating and developing traditional industries, Nghi Thai commune organized training courses weaving rattan exports. Nghi Thai workers turned to how to order professional application for creating art the soul of the culture. So many companies have invested, consumption of raw material supply output. The only people getting materials for knitting, enjoying the product.
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh (60 years old), rattan weaving since 1967, said: "This job does not need capital, has a regular job, take advantage of the harvest time. Just hard worker, with skillful hands, being able to knit beautiful. "Every week she Binh receiving households 40kg - 50kg bar down (they are attached to bamboo trees) material, woven from 15-17 of products according to the DN model. Each product is returned from VND 20,000 - 40,000, enough to cover life.

Mr. Vuong Dinh Duong - the village chief recommended that: "The commune has 10 villages are woven rattan and provincial recognition handicraft villages, attracting 1,300 employees participated. In 2010, the enterprise paid nearly 12 billion in wages for workers in the social woven rattan. Each commune in training classes by local budget support ".
Thai Dai Phong - Director of Duc Phong Company Limited assessment: Nghi Thai rattan products are knitting two layers, fully handcrafted, colors and natural materials, no chemical processing, no termites, the strength from 10 years upwards, creating highly artistic form there should be domestic users and overseas are preferred. Every year, our company exported more than a million products from rattan village to the water market.
According to Mr Phong, although the village is growing but the concern remains: "Materials may not frequent and increasingly scarce (if rain storm, flood, it is difficult to exploit). Labor educated, highly skilled yet (10% - 15% defective products). Because the majority of workers are employed in accordance with professional teaching and households should arbitrary, like they do not like it, leave, sometimes not enough to extend the contract for delivery of goods to the partners. On the other hand, in any given customers new designs and enterprises have to open more training. In 2011, to build a sustainable production model, we will develop investment projects in plant materials, import of machinery, equipment and production support for materials handling machine (instead of hand at present), to help people improve productivity. "

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