Arts and crafts furniture find its way to Europe


( Online HQ ) - The EU 's traditional markets , but also quite important " difficult " in the import of handicrafts items of Vietnam . The way that many Vietnamese businesses choose to overcome barriers , increasingly deeper into this market is to invest carefully to design, promote market research , constantly improve the capacity of the workforce ...

Design is key

According to Ta Hoang Linh , deputy director of the Department of Trade Promotion , Ministry of Industry and Trade : For years , the export turnover of handicraft industry in the EU has consistently maintained a steady growth . However, the major weakness of Vietnamese enterprises is designed capacity is limited to the creation of products not yet clear , has not provided strong export growth .

Recognizing the importance of design for products exported to the EU , Mr Thai Dai Phong , Director of Duc Phong Company Limited said : Design models have very large role , accounting for 30-50 % the success of the orders in this market . Therefore, Duc Phong has always focused investment research , offering unique design , the new collection , incorporates a variety of materials on the same product . Besides, the company also designs more attention to the characteristics of the EU market as demanding in terms of quality , health consumers . Currently , the company is trying to reach , linked to a number of universities in Denmark design , contract design support , manufacturing a line of products for schools . Our goal is to promote the mutual strengths to create better products , mutually beneficial and not toward hiring professional designers .

Also consider designing products is the main factor leading EU market , Duong Thi Thanh Thuy , Director of World lacquer supplements : In design , it is necessary to combine unique ideas designer with desired color , the cost of consumers. In particular , investment products not only designs , colors that need environmentally friendly . The companies also need to locate the product lies in the segment to offer the equivalent price ....

Investment market research

According to Feng , besides the design , it is important that investors need to carefully research , evaluate market trends in order to correct for the appropriate product . Previously, this should be attributed to product stages of Duc Phong Company makes monotonous , less preferred . A few years back , companies have gradually overcome , creating the product line characteristics , usage conditions closer , more suitable to the needs , preferences in the EU market should operate business more progress . Mr Feng said enterprises often participate in international trade fairs , seek assistance from a professional design team of the Association of products exported handicrafts and gifts Vietnam ... to find consistent models with the characteristics of enterprise products and consumer trends of the market . Besides , the company also aims to focus staff , school staff and class design, updated market information combined with the evaluation , customer opinion survey to be adjusted to suit the .

He stressed Ta Hoang Linh : Want deeper into European markets , capturing market trends are important . To support businesses , over time , the Trade Promotion Department has organized mentoring programs to help businesses understand the basic content of the trend and the way of product development , branding . Specifically , the Department is working with the British Council in Vietnam , organized the creative design and marketing of handicrafts goods and interior Europe . This will be a good opportunity for companies in the industry to find out market trends and develop strategies suitable for export to the EU market in 2014.

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