Attach importance to environmental protection villages


In a draft decree detailing a number of articles of the Law on Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has proposed several regulations to protect the environment villages.

According to the draft, the village communities with households and establishments craft tradition holds 30% or more of the total household population level of a cluster of villages, hamlets, villages, highland village squirrels in the area an communes, wards and towns are provincial central cities recognized. 

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has listed traditional catalog to encourage the development includes establishments producing crafts or appliances; aquaculture pet; processing, preservation craft of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, seafood-scale food not more than 10 workers and mechanization rate below 30%. This may be the basis of rattan, bamboo, stretch, woven ignored roofing, baskets, woven bumper, hyacinth, will appreciate, knitting love affair; embroidery, lace, knit, crocheted; carpet coir fiber, coconut fiber; Traditional brick, ceramics, ground pork, ground oven, cast lu; producing beans, noodles, bread, vermicelli kind; sugar production, as nuggets ...
According to the draft, the village meets the conditions of environmental protection, the basis of traditional craft on the list of career development will be encouraged to enjoy preferential policies. Specifically, priority allocation, investment in building infrastructure for environmental protection under the provisions of the relevant legislation; introduce, promote products in commercial activities and tourism; training and dissemination of knowledge on environmental protection for communities, self-governing organization of environmental protection and environmental management officials at commune level.
Besides, the village will be given priority in the review process and preferential loans from credit institutions as fund environmental Vietnam Environment Protection, Environmental Protection Fund and Fund Sector protection of the local environment.
The aforementioned villages will also be given priority in the review process, the program selected industry promotion, extension, national target programs related; deployment models receive waste from international projects, tasks, topics and projects from the state budget.
Environmental responsibility villages
Natural Resources and Environment Ministry also proposes specific responsibilities of the provincial people's committees and ministries involved in environmental protection villages.
Specifically, the CPC is responsible for proposing the competent authority does not allow the establishment of new production facilities are likely to cause environmental pollution high in residential areas; supervise the construction of environmental protection issues in the convention, the convention of village, district-level People's Committee for approval.
Besides, the CPC is responsible for raising donations from organizations and individuals in the area for investment, construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation works under infrastructure protection village environment on democratic principles, voluntary. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment stated that the management of this contribution to be made public, checks, controls and ensure the correct use purpose, properly regulations.
In addition, the CPC conducted propaganda, disseminating information, raising awareness to the people about environmental responsibility; encourage recovery facility, recycling, reuse and disposal of waste in place ...
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for the management and updating of information, data protection environment villages across the country; guide and supervise the implementation of regulations on environmental protection villages, including conditions to protect the environment when considering recognition villages.
The Ministry is also responsible for promulgating national technical regulations on the environment for this kind of villages on the list of career development promotion; guidance waste arising from the operation of various types of craft villages in the list to encourage the development; issued criteria for village green; published a list of craft village green, village recognized to meet the conditions of environmental protection on a national scale; regulation of the activity of self-management organizations to protect the environment in the village.
Ministry of Finance will lead and coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment Ministry issued policies to encourage and support the work of environmental protection to establishments on the list of career promotion encouraging development, the village was recognized.

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