Attractive tourist village in Dong Nai


Associated with tourism village in Dong Nai formed not long though, but the first step has been to create attraction.

Come to Dong Nai today, visitors not only get to look at, shop for products made from timber to the Dong Nai today, visitors not only get to look at, shop for products manufactured appliances made from wood, wood art, pottery, rattan basketry, ceramics ... but also traditional hand made products according to your wishes.

According recovery schemes and career development of traditional handicraft Dong Nai Province, the village has the ability to connect with tourism such as pottery village along the Dong Nai River running through Buu Hoa commune, Tan Van (Bien Hoa) is formed on a ceramic village 100 years. 2005 ceramic village has 39 enterprises, 01 cooperatives and 54 individual households pottery production, export diversification and accounted for more than 80%; Buu Long stone village manipulated ...

This can be considered as two villages associated with three Xe isle, islet grass, Hoa Hiep islet and human resources such as tourism resorts Buu Long, Tran Bien Temple of Literature, the church Nguyen Huu Warning ... to develop tourist routes Dong Nai river. Although the existence of the business establishments producing ceramic handicraft villages are no longer true with the actual conditions, but still capable of restoring and recreating traditional values, these values will increasingly be strengthened and preserved when combined into development with tourism.
Along the Dong Nai River to the north, the village of Tan Trieu pomelo has long been famous for its specialty "Tan Trieu pomelo" with characteristic good taste, only to be planted in the ground when Ben Fish, Tan Binh District eternal. Apart from grapefruit, there is also a different kind of specialty that if the locals are not sure little-known, it is glutinous Tan Trieu.

Among them is prominent ecotourism park - Tan Trieu Pomelo Village has been serving tourists visiting process pomelo, grapefruit wine processing, specialties grapefruit, organized the show ca tai electronic serve tourists and hometown Pte Tan Trieu pomelo grapefruit registered trademarks, and specialty organizations grapefruit consumption through retail stores.

With leverage products from scrap wood in the village of Tra Co commune, Binh Minh Trang Bom district was famous for exporting handicrafts furniture as sailboats, airplanes, cars, pedicabs ... Peculiarly City's manufacturing facility was built showroom product can serve tourists visiting manipulating processes and products purchased as souvenirs.

About the Upper Tan Phu district, Dong Nai is, where indigenous people in the commune of Ta Lai Chau Ma is known for with brocade. Brocade fabric sewn into clothing, wallet, handbag ... offered for sale to tourists from Cat Tien National Park in Lam Dong or visitors from Binh Phuoc to order. Especially people here are focused on the transmission to the next generation ... career.

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