Bamboo and rattan in Nam Cuong


Nam Cuong Village is one of three villages of Dong Tam - Me Linh district of Vinh Phuc province. Currently the village has 398 households with 2100 persons, including 1213 people in working age. The area of agricultural land in the village is now only about 85 ha.

Nam Cuong Village is one of three villages of Dong Tam - Me Linh district of Vinh Phuc province. Currently the village has 398 households with 2100 persons, including 1213 people in working age. The area of agricultural land in the village is now only about 85 ha. But the speed of a district with rapid industrial development in recent years, but the people in general and Dong Tam Nam Cuong village in particular is still largely dependent on agriculture. Agricultural production is a 2-year crop and vegetables and less planting winter crops. In addition to agriculture and livestock, craft village is also woven bamboo walls Bo, Casino, fans and some other items.
The villagers recalled, Nam Cuong inherently knitting and woven bamboo walls of this longstanding affair. No one knows this profession ever since, just know that it's his job due to his father again. Until now, there is no identifying documents history of the village, but the elders of the village elder said: weaving bamboo walls that existed in the village of Nam Cuong from hundreds of years. The village of Nam Cuong had a long hard working, meticulous and ingenious. Often when the weather harvest, the village wicker hanging baskets and items. At first, people just take advantage of the available materials in the garden, or the easy availability of raw materials to make products cater to the daily life of its. Gradually much later, Nam Cuong products by foot from the village to the neighboring localities. They tell each other that Nam Cuong products are made of good material things, through hand workers, products are always beautiful and durable, the more we see, the more durable use. The resulting product knitting craft of Nam Cuong had known and liked person from this life.
Despite the extra job in hand, but during the long period, the product of Nam Cuong was only to serve the life of the village. Few are carrying out exchanges and trade but also not significant profits. Subsidy period to go through, hardy year-round residents, but still struggling to escape poverty, craft villages seemingly no longer exists. The drunken man job, wants to preserve his father's profession as well just forget profession for help. As economies open market and bring a new wind, Vinh Phuc native land in general and Dong Tam has prospered, people began to restore and develop more "treasures" that his father leave, not only because of the economic benefits, but also because of historical tradition and culture. Not to be forgotten tradition, people living under poverty forever, Party Committee, People's Committee of Dong Tam was struggling to find new directions for the profession and for the workers.
Initially, in addition to the traditional wicker products, community leaders have towards the profession family moved partially into the wicker rattan new items such as fruit packing baskets, basket ... Then gradually, see pros of gentle bamboo and rattan, suitable for all ages are more consumer favorite and bring high economic efficiency, many households have changed a plaited bamboo weaving bamboo and rattan and transfer to make oblique rattan exports as satellite companies rattan exports to other provinces or exported. In just three years, has been to 60-70% of households in the village switched rattan bamboo skewers. The value of the work day more oblique rattan weaving traditional bamboo walls 2 to 3 times. In Nam Cuong, dozens of private enterprises, production facilities and vocational training are formed, attracting not only workers in the district, in the province.
Currently, rattan more oblique prospects. Weaving rattan and bamboo skewers are not too complicated and requires sophisticated as many other occupations. Those who want to make career just a few months at a short-term training courses were able to mature a raw product for export. For an oblique rattan products for export, the best thing to do is in the hard work, meticulous and ingenious. Raw materials for the production of crude product is now parallel and cloud yarn is imported or taken from the provinces in the country. Most of this material has been processed. The manufacturing facility of taking this material, then split to each household, each person depending on the severity registration completed his. Here, we produce products according to shape, size you specify. After completion of the product, they will return to the production facility to finish the remaining stages. Typically, a new apprentice, in a day can be 2, 3 finished products. One can take advantage of work at home job is not heavy, hard, not give investment costs for high-income and should have attracted participation from all strata of young children to the elderly. Sources redundant labor in agriculture and doubling the maximum advantage.
Craft, the life of the villagers Nam Cuong obvious change, many families are now better off, not only do not have to worry about food but also buy televisions, refrigerators, motorcycles ... raising children to school full . Ta Xuan Hinh Anh - Chairman of Dong Tam farmers, one of those who have brought jobs back to Nam Cuong oblique cloud said: Nam Cuong needlework which has a long, but still poor villagers too. The Dong Tam uncommitted poor sections, we provide job search tinkering about people. So far, our facilities have professional teaching and creating jobs for thousands of workers not only in Vinh Phuc but in Quang Ninh, Hai Phong ". Tens of thousands of art products of Dong Tam has been exported to markets: USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, ... In 2006, the value of traditional production accounted for 70% of total production value of the village. Currently, the village has established a business stand out material supply and product consumption of people. Each work day, with 2, 3 finished products, the income can be 40, 50 thousand. This profession is not going away, cool, did not struggle. The average income per month is over 1 million. People's living standards improve, social evils in the village was repulsed. People's assured production and labor, peaceful life.
Nam Cuong about now, either on the season, we see the scene of a quiet village different from other villages. People clustered in groups, clustered three. While eager hands briskly and skillfully woven rattan and yet, they still juicy conversation, stories villages and hamlets under occupation and about. /

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