Beauty garden with bamboo


Amid the noisy, hustle of urban life, architects tend to take the images, traditional materials in modern architecture to create a space just convenience, comfort, both civil Wildlife, peace for the human soul more relaxed.

Nice house along a few reference model below illustrates putting images of bamboo into modern living spaces of Vietnam.
With the entrance of the house or a vacant land around the long narrow side of the house, instead of in the low range of flowers, walkways create art with stones and green grass, you can grow bamboo shade scene taken. This could be a place for kids to play and also contribution to the effective green pretty small campus.
Planting bamboo thickets where the corner side of the house, adding a chair or stay quiet simple swing, you've got a corner of relaxation immersed in beautiful nature. Murmur shade of bamboo and will bring feeling relaxed, peaceful soul.
Bamboo is a plant create beautiful miniatures and harmony of feng shui, the material used for the production of furniture and decorative accessories we also bring strange distinctions no respite for the family. If you are nostalgic, like wallowing in dark private corner of Vietnam, then a stopover in a small garden with benches with bamboo, ceramic pots rough side and a few wildflowers dust will make you satisfied.
What's more amazing about walking around a quiet garden, listening to the lapping of the water fountain bamboo. Handmade products with a combination of bamboo, wood rustic addition to water some flowers and beautiful foliage, this art corner was enough to "soften" the soul.
With tall trees around the garden, a few wind chimes with simple structure also contributed more clear sound, the cheerful surroundings.
And all the rest bore a space entirely old Vietnam can be "zoned" beautifully simple with bamboo fence is still full of aesthetics. The bamboo body is supple and evenly through the plate fixed brace forming the walls definitely strange house. You can use the hanging flower baskets to adorn her rustic fence

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