Binh Dinh: Deploy solutions promote village development


Recently, thanks to the support of the State and the self-advocacy efforts of the people in the village to find a new direction, many villages in the province of Binh Dinh has step by step recovery and development. Currently, the functional departments and local authorities are continuing to implement policies to support the development of villages stronger.

In the period 2005-2011, from the budget of the central government and the provinces and Industry Promotion Center - Consulting Industrial Development Binh Dinh (TTKC) has supported more than 10 billion investment for local Easements stories of village ...
Besides, many manufacturing facility in the village has invested machinery, improved design to increase product competitiveness in the market. In villages such as streaming: List wrought West (Ward Stone Dam), wooden handicraft facilities Swallow Tower (Nhon Hau, An Nhon town); Coir mats woven in Hoai Nhon ... many production facilities have invested machinery to improve productivity, increase quality and lower product costs, should be competitive with the products of craft villages other.
To date, the province of Binh Dinh has 54 villages, 38 villages have been recognized as meeting the criteria provincial villages. The villages of the province has attracted about 10,000 direct manufacturing labor, accounting for 33.6% of total employment in the villages; industrial output value accounted for 18.6% compared with the proportion of individual economic sector, the income of workers in craft villages is from 1.5 to 2.5 million VND / person / month.
Despite achieving the above results, but the village of Binh Dinh province still exist inherent as: lack of capital, small scale production, dispersion, monotonous designs, lack of market information and outdated technology ... this time the village also revealed two problems that need solving and human resource environment. Most villages manpower skilled but lacked the formal training, it is difficult to grasp and apply the scientific and technical progress into production. In addition, problems of labor protection, environmental protection in the village almost no or very little interest ...
For more villages thrive
To facilitate village development, the Government issued Decree No. 61/2010 / ND-CP dated 04/06/2010 on policies to encourage enterprises to invest in agriculture, rural areas and villages. Accordingly, the investment in village businesses in disadvantaged areas, ethnic minorities and the program to restore and conserve the craft, traditional villages will be exempt from corporate income tax, the tax resources, personal income tax and other related taxes.
In Binh Dinh provincial People's Committee has issued many policies to encourage the development of the village and was approved by the village development planning in the province during 2011-2015 and 2020 vision Accordingly, from 2015, the province continues to prioritize and effectively use the funds to restore and develop 38 villages were PPC criteria for accreditation of the traditional villages; strive annual industrial production value - handicraft villages of 3% of the total industrial output value of the province; annually from 1800-2000 attract rural laborers and exports reached $ 3 million per year.
Mr. Nguyen Ba Tai, Director TTKC Binh Dinh, said: For the village can survive and develop, requiring the attention of the authorities and the industry. About the TTKC province, next time, will spend a significant source of funding to implement the recommendations of the project to support the development of villages. In particular, will focus on building information systems for villages; infrastructure and improve the environmental landscape village; construction systems developing product design and product development projects ...
In addition to the support from the industry of the province, the local government is also focused on implementing solutions accelerate the development of villages. Nguyen Thanh Minh, Head of Economics town Nhon (Binh Dinh), said: An Nhon Town will promote the propagation and promotion of the products associated with the development of village tourism village; continue to improve transportation infrastructure, improve the production environment to attract more tourists to visit the village. At the same time, strengthen trade promotion activities for products sold villages ... The goal of the future town was thriving villages, contribute to raising incomes and gradually changing the economic structure in rural areas in a positive direction.

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