Binh Dinh: The solution for the wood processing industry exports


Binh Dinh wood processing industry continues to face many difficulties and challenges, export markets shrinking, new orders difficulty, export value of timber in 2012 decreased 18% compared to 2011; First 3 months of 2013, continued to decline by 4.2%. So what to do for the wood processing industry is export Binh Dinh revive and sustainable development more difficult surface
 According to the Report of the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Dinh, due to the impact of the financial crisis and global recession, most states have implemented the policy of "austerity" spending cuts, leading to the furniture export goods difficult, particularly in the market: America, Europe ... A large number of traditional customers such as Metro, ARENA, Carrefour ... only stable orders, selling prices Product not rise or low rise, while input costs are rising (up from 20-25% over the same period last year).
The signing and implementation of orders diminished; most business loans are difficult, rising raw material inventory and working capital ... stagnant Besides importing countries have adopted policies to force exporters to comply with many timber standards new, especially the rules of origin for export of raw materials, so companies face many more difficulties in sourcing raw wood certified sustainable forest development and the proof of chain of custody products.
In addition, in 2012 with the addition of 7 operated wood chip processing plant, has an imbalance between the production capacity and the ability to meet the raw material for processing led to fierce competition between businesses, higher purchasing prices, while export prices down, the situation appeared manufacturing business losses should be limited or suspended production xuat.Di find words giaiVan posed for the wood processing industry exports Binh Dinh is now the need for practical solutions, and effective way to revive sustainable development.
At the symposium "Finding solutions to improve the quality of member companies in 2013" by Timber Forest Products Association (FPA), Binh Dinh held recently, many experts and business leaders from timber processing border shared experiences and suggest some possible solutions thi.Theo Le Vy - FPA Binh Dinh Vice President, want to develop a sustainable market oriented, efficient, firms need to enhance capacity competition, to understand our customers, understand the market orientation to "output" in accordance with ability, his strength. enterprise market, customers must have the determination to maintain the legitimacy of their efforts (product quality, delivery schedule, reasonable prices). Absolutely not letting the situation unfair competition, battling for dumping customers with style ... At the same time, businesses need to link, model building "support group now in production and processing" have a specialized division of product categories, product details ... This will help businesses increase productivity, save costs, improve efficiency of production and business.
Besides, the big companies, potential, regardless of support, sharing for your business, especially in order to share experience management, venture capital support, production links with smaller businesses ... Mr. Do Xuan Lap, Chairman-Director General Tien Dat Company Limited said: To improve the quality, every business, regardless CBGXK 3 elements: Advanced Search solution competition; build communication channels open; formed division of market share. In particular, the competition has "vital significance" of the business. In addition, the experts also said that companies should continue to boost production, diversify markets, maintaining and expanding traditional markets, the key focus markets, exploiting new markets , focused on the domestic market, while businesses need to properly implement the provisions of the Lacey Act for export to the U.S. market, strengthening forest law regulations, management and forest products trade (FLEGT) of the European Union to increase its prestige and advantage than firms not certified sustainable forests.
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