Building The ranking criteria OVOP products Hanoi


Hanoi Industry and Trade Department is implementing the building of the ranking criteria Hanoi OVOP products for export and domestic consumption in 2013.

CongThuong - Program to select and rank handicraft products to develop products handicraft industry in Hanoi; enhance the value of products to create stable income people; enhance competitiveness, sustainable development of products and handicraft villages on the city of Hanoi; promote the cooperation between manufacturers, business; connect products to market communities at home and abroad; promoting market handicraft products, particularly for export markets; simultaneously building a database system products.
To build a set of criteria for ranking Hanoi OVOP products for export and domestic consumption in 2013, the Department of Trade and Industry, which is directly Hanoi Trade Promotion Centre in Hanoi made a block of enormous task, consisting of 4 stages:
Phase 1 - Preparation, building outlines. 5 Department has prepared a general outline of the 5 subjects: History and development of OVOP movement, criteria OVOP situation of the country, the group situation Hanoi handicraft product, product group situation processed agricultural products in Ha Noi, the draft selection criteria OVOP Hanoi.
Phase 2 - Research, analyze and evaluate the development and implementation of the State Department's criteria. Gather documentation of OVOP criteria typical of some countries in OVOP movement as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan ...; learn, learning experience in construction processes, management criteria; research, analyze and compare the differences between the criteria of water
Phase 3 - Survey and analysis, assessing the situation Hanoi. After collecting the opinions of the object to provide information, conduct data processing and hire expert analysis, evaluation, report writing thematic analysis.
Stage 4 - Drafting The ranking criteria Hanoi OVOP products. Develop draft and conference evaluation boards.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Anh - Director of Trade Promotion Center Hanoi - said: By this time, the center has completed basic set of criteria for ranking Hanoi OVOP products for export and consumption local 2013. expected in quarter 4/2013, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade will hold a conference publication "the ranking criteria OVOP products Hanoi

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