Charm of rattan furniture


From ancient rattan, bamboo has been used for multiple purposes, in addition to acting as a building material, it can also be used as a work of art and interior decoration in the house.
Use decorative rattan furniture is much favored by families very own beauty. We provide space for comfort, gentle, close to nature. Bamboo products are diverse in type, form, abundance of use values, economy. In addition, rattan furniture is usually lighter than other so it's pretty easy to move and durable over time, before any effects of weather.
Diversity of products
You can use products such as tables, chairs, curtains, lockers, these beautiful baskets, etc. ... rattan. In addition to popular products such as furniture, are just products to use, both as decorative bamboo blinds, partitions, etc. ...
Bamboo blinds add warmth to the room and have the characteristic aroma of exotic bamboo. They also sound insulation from outside noise. Bamboo blinds not only reduce the summer heat, but also can keep warm winter quite consistent with bedroom and bathroom. Bamboo paneling can be dichotomized into 2 room intimate space, it is also preferred.

Unlike bamboo, rattan has a hollow core inside but not as bamboo. Rattan trunk with strong external rigidity and durability, while the inside is soft and spongy. Clouds are widely used to make furniture. Generally, raw rattan is processed into many products, which are used as materials in furniture design.
Combined with rattan furniture
Rattan furniture can be combined with wood base cabinet or simple, slender and simple. Mainly rattan furniture comes with cushions, or in combination with cushions, creating luxurious accents, polite and cozy home.
Due to the limitation on use environment, the design of rattan used in combination with other materials such as fabric mattresses, iron, glass ... creating unique furniture and luxury. Also, with the exterior spaces such as gardens, balconies, pool, terrace ... you can use fake plastic rattan products, just not afraid damage while taking advantage of the beauty and tenderness of Wildlife rattan furniture that brings.
Rattan furniture are hydrophobic by moisture will make them vulnerable to termites, mold. Therefore, when selecting and using this type of furniture, homeowners should thoroughly and carefully noted in the use and preservation.
With rattan products, you should choose a cloud to long, tapering evenly, no more heterochromatic. Type of poor quality rattan fibers are usually small, less elastic, easy off. When you touch the surface of the product, the cloud must be smooth, glossy, not particularly rough section joints or uneven, not flat.
For the fitted chair cushions, the purchaser should check the curvature observed cushion with curved rattan fibers ensure the joints are not buckled channel. Therefore made from natural materials so the rattan furniture products must be used and stored carefully. You should clean them periodically. When cleaning, homeowners can use a soft dry cloth to avoid scratches surfaces.
In addition, you can also use salt water to clean the stains, making cloud softer fibers, avoid using detergents to clean, damaging the fiber cloud. This furniture is usually suitable for indoor use. avoid them sticking to water or sunlight.

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