Chau Thanh District: Coconut Crafts in the way of development


In recent years, the trend of decorative handicraft items are widely-Coconut choice. Capture the market, the facility produced handicrafts in Chau Thanh district has increasingly creative and coming up with unique products, with reasonable prices to meet the tastes and needs of customers in and abroad.
With 33 establishments producing handicrafts from coconut trees, Chau Thanh district is one of the localities in the province has several facilities producing handicrafts. With skillful hands, talented, Chau Thanh people creating products closer to the lives and activities of people in the Mekong River delta.

Besides consumption in the domestic market, coconut handicraft products in Chau Thanh also exported abroad. Export forms mainly through tourism, or intermediary companies, or business partners' orders. Through the unique handicraft products from coconut, Chau Thanh people to bring new insight to help visitors learn more about the potential of Chau Thanh such as eco-tourism, cultural history, the creativity of the people local ...
A visitor from Australia did not hide the surprise, excitement saying: "This is my first time to travel in Vietnam and the West. When to visit your country, I was really surprised to see that the local people created from coconut trunk. They are great and I will buy as gifts for family and my friends. Surely they will love. "
Every handicrafts from coconut products are considered potential development in Chau Thanh, plays an important role in creating jobs for over 150 local workers. The average income of the production facility handicrafts from coconut in the district is estimated at over 500 million / year.
So, for this commodity grows, the industry has many functional and practical measures aimed wings for handicraft products from coconut to find a foothold in the domestic and overseas markets.
Mr. Tran Van Tho - Chau Thanh district chairman, said: "Looking to the district will focus on supporting the development of investment products available in more traditional forms of investment incentives, taking advantage of support capital investment incentives for innovation in machinery equipment, organizing vocational training courses to upgrade their skills for the facility. "
Con Phung is the local concentration of production facilities handicrafts from coconut. Accordingly, the future, the district will focus on promoting rural roads to facilitate the travel needs of the people as well as cargo; advocacy expanded to facilitate the participation of households remaining in the form of production focus to increase the total number of households according to the prescribed standards of the village; collaboration with other departments, provincial promote the registration of trademarks, packaging innovation, scientific and technical applications into production.
Currently, handicrafts items from coconut with various designs and prices ranging from several thousand to several tens of million / products. However, for handicraft items have far-reaching conditions on the market, in addition to support of the industry, all levels, requiring, facilities producing handicrafts from coconut to put "words credit "on the top, raise the quantity and quality concern. This is one of the important criteria and inevitable that facilities producing handicrafts from coconut in Chau Thanh district should aspire to.

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