Coconut cultivation, an agricultural civilization shades special


Ben Tre is a province in the Mekong River downstream, are composed of three major islet An Hoa, Bao and Ming. Looking on the map, in Ben Tre fan-shaped, but the tip is upstream tributaries large, fan-like wide spread east. The natural area of the province is 2.315,01km2¬¬ northern Tien Giang province, which is the common boundary of Tien River, west and south by Vinh Long and Tra Vinh province, which is the common boundary Chien river, the East China Sea with a coastline of 65 km.
Geographic characteristics and distribution of Ben Tre coconut plantations
Four surfaces are surrounded by water river, Ben Tre has a waterway system consists of a large river connecting the South China Sea through the main estuary (Great doors, gates Ba Lai, Ham Luong door and door Chien), in contrast to upstream Mekong river and a canal system, interlocking canals crisscrossed like blood vessels coursing through three strips isle so very convenient for transportation and irrigation.

Coconut is a perennial crop occupies an important position in the cropping systems of Ben Tre. Coconut trees and production activities, coconut processing has created a face economic, cultural, social and environmental areas particularly on the lower Mekong. Appearance does not stop and change history associated with the formation and development of Ben Tre coconut.
The country has about 200,000 coconut plantation, the province of Ben Tre is led on both sides of the acreage (on 52.000ha) and output (410 million results / year). Ben Tre is the islet clusters finally get soaked alluvium of the Mekong River before flowing into the sea, thereby also lush coconut trees more productive than other areas. Three districts have large area in Ben Tre Coconut and Giong Trom is, Chau Thanh and Cay (without splitting the district, this is Mo Cay Nam and Mo Cay Bac).
Cultural production of the lower Mekong region inhabitants - coconut forests, rivers, Ben Tre
We all know that productive labor is a very important attribute, it determines the appearance of each culture. Residents living in the rice-producing areas, the production and processing of rice products bring nuances. Unlike rice, coconut forest areas populated - Ben Tre River circumstances living with a natural environment, especially in the lower Mekong region took the coconut cultivation and extraction and processing of plant products coconut with processing fishery resources in the river as the main living activities. Therefore, when considering the nature of production characteristics of the people living in the coconut forest - river, we will identify cultural identity through labor and production activities of the Ben Tre.
These occupations related to palm forest environment typical of Ben Tre
Coconut cultivation, an agricultural civilization shades special: Save Ben Tre residents began clearing the land around the estuary isles of the 17th century, it was originally chose areas tall, fresh water source, climate less toxic jungle area to live, exploring the natural improvement.
This area has many rivers, canals and many seasonal fluctuations in salinity, so the choice of coconut trees, a species specially adapted to brackish areas, is a very suitable choice for the environment here.

Other residents rice or fishing, aquaculture, coconut farmers in Ben Tre has produced a culture distinctively expressed in a number of the following items: Up the wooden coconut is a solution lowland jungle turned into a perfect environment for growing coconuts. The ditches dug up the wooden coconut can say is one of the unique ways of Conduct Ben Tre residents living environment. They have created a favorable environment for living coconut trees and development, facilitate irrigation, harvesting and aquaculture together with the coconut. Thanks to ditch systems, plus semi-diurnal regime of rivers coconut people can get heavy wet mud silt to foster good trees. And thanks also drain system that people can "Sliding coconut" to port easily.
Can be summarized coconut forest forming process as follows: At first they embark coconut careful measurement of the distance, density and chin (check) then fill those positions tissue intended. Description of 1m diameter, the distance between the tissue around 7.5m is enough to coconut can thrive. Between the models can still crop coconut, coconut rice until maturity. From March to June, hoes mounds planted cucumber, eggplant, sweet potatoes ... From June onwards can plant potatoes yams or board down dunes that season rice. Sediment deposition in the ditch potatoes, each season just to thicken. People take up to scale alluvial coconut. Description coconuts per year per high enough coconuts land wider development.
The three, four years later, when coming out of coconut sheath (flower buds), only one rice crop that dig deep into the potato trench excavated earth obtained to connect the vertical scale has formed on the shore, but also low but has a shape of a coconut garden. On shore land, people continue intercropping papaya, peppers, tomato, cucumber ... Distribution, Water applied to crops is also applied to the palm tree.
Today went in coconut groves nobody can imagine what the new coconut. It took many years of alluvial low land could turn into coconut trees. Thanks to the canal system which can sediment into the corner of the garden. Before tides have a period of standing water, that's when sediment before water removed to prepare for a new cycle. During the flood season, which filth, vermin will be washed away and fresh water alkaline wash to make the garden a lush coconut every day.
Area coconut increasing every year and this place is called by an area of the coconut and coconut highest yields.
The coconut breeding nursery must be very careful because coconut plantation down to 4-5 years for the fruit, and can be exploited for over 50 years. Principles of breeding manner "silk coconut, areca old", ie breeding of silk palm trees of 10-15 years old. Coconut mother has a right to the original sparse leaves, coconut counter false results, do not give up loops, ie loops counters are located on or they will be shot chamber; coconut to medium, thin crust, thick crust. Want to take forward the coconut shell coconut tanning stage, chopping chamber wire line to fall to the ground is not crushing results. The carefully choosing the same usually knowledgeable skip the first result and the end result. Remaining cut each fruit drop nuoc.Theo experience any "tread" stalk straight up is best, will have all the same characteristics the mother plant. There were also marked on the rise, the nursery also put in this way, the new trees sprout well. Coconuts same place where good soil moisture suitable when the gloves coconut to dream, just a sharp roots are planted land. Do not get too big to pluck away broken roots, coconut poorly developed.
In the garden they plant different varieties of coconut palm cross pollination would create a hybrid coconuts pros Vietnam.
Coconut snatching pole or climb the trees to pick. Based on the characteristics of water and semi-diurnal mode and features "floating" of the coconut - coconut growers figure out how to transport coconut gentle and effective. Harvesting only in wetland.
Method 1: When digging ditches, up the wooden coconut people intentionally feeding dig ditches so that the information together and flowing toward the nearest. One harvest to block a sheet posted at the top of this ditch; when people throw coconuts cracked all down the drain, the water at the "net" will drift coconut, plantation owners just picked up.
Method 2: Do not wait for tides, jumped into the ditch sliding your hand palm branches from the ditch on the landing, gently work well. If you have to bear some of the coconut that will work doubly hard.
In the garden usually intercropped coconut and fruit trees, depending on the ecology of each region that choose appropriate plants intercropped, freshwater planted cocoa, bon bon, mangosteen. Brackish water cultivation of citrus, grass planting. Intercropping bring high economic efficiency compared to specialize coconut groves, through which we see the smart, energetic, creative people in the coconut and process improvement conquer nature.
The extraction of the coconut palm tree and the resources of plants and other organisms in an ecosystem science and creativity. They know how to live in harmony with nature, that take advantage of water, endless source of sediment to cultivate and preserve the ecosystem long-term stability.
High culture of the inhabitants of the land of coconuts in dealing with the natural environment is reflected in the preservation of biodiversity, resource extraction reasonably sustainable living in harmony with the natural environment.
Vocational training garden: The cultivation of coconut, one stage of care is indispensable for each original mud accretion coconut that has been termed as compensation garden. This is a particular occupations in Ben Tre coconut.
Every year the grass coconut growers do, pay the mud a few times, little additional manure, chemical fertilizers enough to help the coconut fruit year round.
The alluvial mud is usually carried out in the dry season, depending on the appropriate time that the farmer is advised prior to the worker. On this occasion people usually wait for the poor countries, net in the morning to watch the water drain out of ditches, catch fish finished at 7-8 hours it started working. Often used in slurry bucket excavators, sticky mud throwing hand hook up the banks. Cay areas people used to wait for the new dry mud spread out across the garden hoe. Giong Trom region rather, naked mud right hand and deftly applies a very nice square edge. Due to mud sediment accumulation Mekong Delta should pay way though coconut is also good.
Themed gardens are training in the region, with professional people eat the renovation or territorial securities deal, while others make the change work style rhyme, to help each other through. This is a job for men, but where lack of labor, women also participate.
Career development garden (weeding the garden): From ancient folk have had the "Company managed to do that, the weed is edible". It is a proverb that says the importance of taking care of the rice fields from weeds so overwhelmed. For the coconut trees, but not encroaching weeds floating coconut trees, the grass, but otherwise is limited capacity and gardens will soon be other invasive weeds a deserted forest. Because of this, coconut growers also have regular weeding and would even have a job, which is to lawn garden.
Each year they have to weed the garden two or three times, depending on the level of development of the grass. The house has a large garden lawn more, people in the house do not have to hire more workers Xue is to make the grass. Low grass lawn less just a knife that female labor fields. High grass and trash trees used to hire more health workers that subtly played.
The float is the development tools used to the grass and not share things like knives hammer. Depending on you, workers discovered the grass put its own blacksmith very subtly to fit both hands. The left-handed people are left to do subtly new direction was. Float is a long-handled knife of 15-20 cm, curved neck, usually for about 80-90 cm, blade float around 6cm wide, pretty heavy to just play sweet grass recently cut trees. A hand holding a subtly curved so hard Bookbag Click to rake grass on one side, so they play off shore to another shore. Often each person plays a bank, if a bank generally must be at a safe distance, different ears hear your mother feels alone. When do they always carry a sharpening stone for sharpening float for true color. The mechanic found the grass often bring sticky rice to eat between meals. Like coconut snatching jobs, career development is a professional lawn garden with a regular job. All year round, workers do backyard garden to another.
Occupation jerk coconut (coconut harvest craft): Ben Tre coconut grown in 600 villages, each village has a number of workers coconut snatching. The coconut snatching outside workers still have healthy agility, endurance. They quickly climb coconut care. This is a very hard job, this job is only for men (women in particular have also participated, no less supple men). Most healthy people can only do this job in less than 50 years old to have to change careers. However, we also have over 70 years of age who though still climb coconut but just enough to break the coconut.
Kits of coconut snatching include: hooks, snatch pole coconut, coconut climbing plea, no to inject coconut soap.
Sao jerk coconut trees are usually made of wood or pipe mum range, the first pole fitted with iron hooks. High or low depending on the coconut can add 2 or 3 pole connector. There are many types of perches as most nests, perches second, depending on the pole three lengths.
Pleaded climbing rope braided coconut banana tied in a circle, with a diameter of about 20 - 30cm. Solicit work to keep body hugging feet coconut, coconut climber makes no fatigue, keep safe for climbing. With the low coconut tree climbing expert who does not need to plead.
No shots Soap Coconut: Coconut is used to inject it falls down the drain, made about 3m long pipe segment level, beginning with a key attached to a curved hook to hook the coconuts fall mired in mud.
The coconut shock to forcibly lift the hooks long horizontal tops of coconut, a jerky movement to shed a coconut chamber.
Coconut snatching workers must always facing upwards, shoulders, neck discomfort more. For one palm tree high poles to shock. With the aging coconut trees too high, workers have to climb a new external use is breaking. Coconut shock down to the hook, pull the chamber in the grass coconut falling, falling down the drain collected in one place. (In the old days, there were wealthy plantation owners, every time shock to the 10 divers coconut, coconut hills piled high, workers stripped coconut coconut peel several days to complete).
As for coconuts to drink the water, divers must climb, use a long wire transfer chamber light coconut palm down to not being broken.
Every day if good workers startled jerk about 4 of coconut (4000m²), 1,500 coconuts, coconut every 100 (1 dozen 12 coconut fruit, coconut 100 120 results, as measured by the Ben Tre) was paid in the first trees, coconut price depending on high or low prices.
A common characteristic of workers climbing coconut forearms hardens, and is no longer burning pain. One other characteristic body year round by "impregnating" the smell of coconut bark so easy for others to recognize the smell of their very own.
As mentioned this is a hard job, with the folk "underground dinner, work in the sky", difficult to avoid risks, while meeting the coconut shot loops, when met by panic viper that fell or was he shot , wasp attack for a battle of a lifetime. Story ants black ants swarm exudate hit in the eye is burning acrid or throughout the conversation mechanic are always met. A person is bitten by a scorpion coconut minutes after rampage heater, extremely painful. If the worker's judgment falling coconuts inaccuracies, or sudden loss of coconut, the coconut is thrown into the story hard to avoid, many people die from falling coconuts or coconut fell on his head.
Today, many industries have been mechanized but climbing coconut craft, coconut shock remains to be done manually. Often a coconut plantation owners have a top mechanic familiar, intimate, long-term business. Each coconut snatching workers often work for tens of coconut plantations all year round throughout the month should have a job. They have their own schedule, work for every farmer to another farmer. Once a month, every day of harvest to the farmer concerned to prepare tea cakes covered. Sometimes "winning season" better off doing, the farmer made wine dinner to end the day "hybrid rai" with hunters wing.
Born and raised in the garden of coconut, coconut jerky is also a profession can support themselves and families. But workers jerked hard but have fun while coconut coconut farm productivity growing, creating jobs throughout the month year-round, though not rich, but not unemployment. Shock pole coconut craft but that fun. Some days are lucky to find honeycomb wet fly or drive honey mushroom garden garden they are all hunters take kindly donated food. Some people go to work tow hounds, meet palm mouse dive we summed brought the recipe home turned rat pan. Often, owners and workers share the same effects, sometimes cheerful hand.
We can say the relationship between the farmer and the jerk coconut coconut partnerships division of labor friendly. This is a special world of human behavior coconut.
The planting, tending and harvesting coconut trees are divided into many different forms of labor, division of reasonably good job to help solve the day more lush coconut gardens. In addition to taking care of the coconut farmer, people also use a large force of employees for each stage. Have the employee reaches the professional level as shock coconut craft, coconut peel but also the stage just as alluvial mud strength, found the grass.
How to split up the labor for each first professional job as a way to adapt and organize a kind of cooperation in labor. Without this type of collaboration, each family is unlikely to solve well-harvest care and processing area and a large coconut production. Here is how to behave in the division of labor to solve the production well.

In addition, Ben Tre residents also leaves coconut water fishery and stared leaves, coconut wood house craft, coconut fiber craft making, craft making sintered carbon (from coconut shells), craft materials and fine art from raw coconut, coconut candy craft, making souffle cake ... but due to the limited framework of this article should not be mentioned here are all out.
In the current integration trend, especially after the country joined the WTO, Ben Tre has many advantages conditional export of coconut products help thousands of households to stabilize their lives, increase incomes alleviation of poverty. Province pays great attention to irrigation, agriculture, plant protection ... along with the coconut incentive program, enacted incentives for investors in the field of processing of coconut products. The agricultural sector has launched a new project to develop 5,000 hectares of coconut plantation in 55 communes of 5 districts. Farmers Association annual establishment registration list grow coconut seedlings to support farmers, creating favorable conditions for the cultivation of coconut, coconut planting area expanding.
Ben Tre Coconut Festival the third time in 2012 with the theme "Ben Tre on the path of integration and development" is about to take place from 04/04/2012 to 10/04/2012 in the city of Ben Tre is also working to help Ben Tre province conditional branding, product introduction, promotion, gradually improve the level of production and processing of coconut. Council as well as the opportunity to meet, interact and celebrate the coconut farmers, coconut processing enterprises export promotion Ben Tre coconut image, creating an important premise to Ben Tre continues to grow, "coco economy", while preserving and promoting the unique cultural identity of the region dubbed "the land of coconuts".

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