Coconut products export Ben Tre orientation and branding coconut Vietnam


Speaking to the historical development of Ben Tre coconut brand, even history is not clearly obvious to Ben Tre coconut trees since he does. Having it under the assumption that central to "settle" on the new land. Again an assurance from the coconut to take the same group of islands off the Pacific Ocean beyond being herded under the waves washed ashore on ... But regardless of where, depending entered part to continue, any coconuts to "reside" in this lush land, bringing Ben Tre manners. Perhaps this should become the focus of coconut trees monument depicts "standing by Tre 'on Dong Khoi hometown.
To be fair, Ben Tre has many different kinds of fruit trees, which always delicious, healthy sweet as a mother's heart, but the most familiar is the coconut tree. In the war, coconut each "fin cover each enemy soldiers." Now peace, and ground coconut, along the Ben Tre forged a new monument in the process of integration and development.
Since ancient times people have been forced from copra into coconut oil. Coconut oil fatty processed food juicy without worrying about cholesterol. Coconut oil for hair anointed sister grace, even in remote rural areas to climb ulcers lights burning at dusk sunset. By the time the French soap made from coconut oil to our country, traders have to make carrying coconut gardens to collect plants in Cholon grated rice, oil pressure soap. Soap brand with 72% of its goods Truong Van Ben each equal 72% soap Marseille, France. Today many production processes in the manufacturing base is coconut body - electrochemistry, has weary worker support, both yield and beauty products, thorough, uniform. From coconut trees have manipulated the prices of 500 commodities market presence with: Desiccated coconut, coconut candy, coconut cake, coconut jelly, coconut milk, coconut fiber, coir mats, coconut slices, sintering coal, charcoal ... Through the skillful hands, from the trunk of coconut, coconut, coconut shell, coconut stems ... has made many handicraft items such as kitchen utensils, table dining, bedroom, cozy living room, children's toys, sticks for the elderly, mirror, for ladies. Coconut wood house construction, installation termite tough door, and then swallow dropping to make furniture, elegant. Coir residue utilized for bonsai career.
Ben Tre coconut products not only travel to all parts of the country but also beyond the ocean to distant friends. In 2009, Ben Tre province exports about 30 items from coconut reach $ 65 million in the $ 193 million total value of exports of the province, including desiccated coconut, coconut fiber is the main post. But if you just look at the value it is difficult to imagine the richness of the coconut. Coconuts have done better shape then 12 animal shape. As bad as rolls coconut orchid, bird's nest exported to France, The Netherlands. Coconut deaf Americans buy because it symbolizes the oval ball. Material coconut make fun shapes monkeys covering eyes, cover their ears, cover your mouth, reminiscent of oriental philosophy: "Do not look that bad, do not listen to bad, not to say harmful things to others". Ben Tre coconut at the market near China, also sold far to the Middle East. Development of coconut products, especially through exports bring more efficiency and economic aspects - social, contribute to the resolution of the Central Committee 7 (Course X) of agriculture, farmers and rural areas. Capacity markets for coconut products almost without limit and coconut products from items not encountered trade barriers.
However, the development of exports of Ben Tre coconut was not commensurate with the potential that one of the important reasons is the branding "Coconut Vietnam" is still ahead. But not having barriers, but coconut Vietnam has to compete with other countries in the region also produces this item. Of coconut crafts products must also durable, aesthetic, safe use. Coconut oil, copra to pay attention to food hygiene. To the coconut industry has recently completed production on many big stages to confirm the identity of coconut fragrant Vietnam. So, the branding coconut has urgent and long term.
The building and brand development is a process of convergence of many factors synchronization, continuous from production to processing, publicity, marketing has to be done right, with the right thinking long long. The province of Ben Tre's coconut product key, stands out as a focal point and coordinating with other local branding is coconut Vietnam with ground glass, the people. So we need:
- Complete the development planning coconut materials, can exploit a large volume, long, uneven quality. Exploitation must be coupled with enrichment, not depletion leads to environmental destruction, unpredictable consequences.
- Respect designs new products. In each product should both just raw coconut with green materials with different color metal or plastic, leather ... to have more diversified products, more value-added product, create competition for national and export this product.
- Advanced content used machinery and equipment, mechanical - electrical and technical advances in production and processing to improve production, enhance productivity, quality, lower costs and reach the finish line is improving the competitiveness of each product, each business.
- In 2009, the renovation done by Decision 80 of the Prime Minister, the first time Ben Tre has received support from trade promotion program to organize national trade promotion events at methods, thereby contributing to building the brand of coconut in Vietnam.
- Open multiple Expo. Support facilities to participate in inter-regional trade fairs, national, international; Gallery institutions, introduction of products, specializing in coconut products ...
- The promotion of the tourism promotion by inviting distributors, importers in Ben Tre during annual festivals, especially Coconut Festival, visit villages, production facilities , meet artists, see the operation firsthand, then rest assured about the quality and safety of goods and favorite samples or sample order production, joint venture requirements elicitation, international cooperation.
- Participate actively in the activities of the Association of exporting handicrafts Vietnam (VIETCRAFT), including participation in fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad every year VIETCRAFT which is one of the main unit the maintenance of the National Trade Promotion. Also through VIETCRAFT can be trained in methods of zoning, exploitation of raw materials; access to customers; popular new models; scientific method techniques for handling raw materials.
In the above sequence, each business can be difficult, so local governments need to stand out chair, supported by policies of financial and material resources, solve common problems, such as: Regulations planning; balance of labor, capital, trade promotion, branding, established design center and product development model provides the basis for the production .

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