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Coconut wood from 30 years and older are not the only housing very durable, very good, but there are coconut trees native people I cleverly created hundreds of arts and crafts products, household goods very nicely sold to tourists and export. Today, if the house is made of coconut wood will be very beautiful, very unique with creative ideas from skilled people as well as architecture and coconut wood are good handling techniques, the termites can not perforated in itself, it durable and coconut wood is very durable.

These colorful variations of coconut in my country or of the endless possibilities it will help people in life. I can confirm that, as soon as the stems of coconut and ... mo nang, previously available only to a fire or broom to sweep the floor, but now is used to give the fresh flower baskets, flower baskets, gift baskets; mo nang braided into categories lantern decoration ... very strange, or, or. Or even coconut shells are also processed into coconut fiber. In the old days did not have that kind of sailing rope (wire boiled) unmatched by a rope made from coconut fiber is very durable. Today coir is made into valuable products such as mats, rope, coir mattresses, eco-mesh, basket books, ceiling panels, automobile seats. Coir net was used for the construction of embankments against erosion on bare soil or cover; Coir pots wrapped in trees to retain moisture; coir pillow used to grow plants and vegetables clean .... Or part coir dust (also known as coco peat) is slipping from the coconut fiber is used as organic fertilizer; mixing coco peat soil improvement; this coco peat soil pressed into clean technologies for clean vegetables, ornamental plants and planting some fruit trees .... And coconut shell (or shells called pieces) from past to present is used for cooking, charcoal its very long for the disabled and very tasty barbecue. Today, coconut shell charcoal used for the embroidery, activated carbon is very valuable. Coconut shells are also taking special wood horn, should be durable and unique aesthetic. Due to the curvature coconut shells and hard surfaces, so it is suitable for the handicraft items of value, serving interior decoration industry with diverse floral motifs very natural, unique strange eyes.

The most special part was the coconut rice. Coconut pressed into coconut oil, coconut oil and raw materials for processing into food oil; soaps and detergents; biofuels; cosmetics; pharmaceuticals; nutritious food, or feed processing (cattle and poultry). Also from coconut meat through human creativity along with the equipment to the food processing and ingredients to make dishes such as coconut milk and coconut milk; coconut cream; desiccated coconut; Snack coconut cake, coconut candy; Coconut and coconut yogurt cheese; coconut jelly, coconut sugar, coconut alcohol, the coconut jam ... uses very good for human health.
The coconut tree is useful of my country very much; all parts of the coconut tree can be used at all. Thank nature and someone has bestowed "Coconut Tree" is the greatest gift for my native land, is one of the good trees, the tree of life - tree of hundreds - thousands of advantage.
As children of expatriates coconut, is set on a foreign land, not much contribution conditions where their homeland was born and raised. But I always update information about their homeland, especially the coconut trees - on its price. Because, it is extremely important to close as the income of my family, like many others in the family home. I also know it's difficult in the market today makes me reel rural people, fears, concerns. Please share the difficulties of one's homeland and the homeland of Ben Tre coconut, whether in or outside the country work together to make promotional information about the use, benefits of coconut trees, or advertising brand products from coconut reach out to your friends all over the world, to contribute to enhance homeland along with a comprehensive value of coconut trees, so that it is developed in a sustainable way in the field of economics and become products of culture, tourism and environment.
Hopefully the attention of the Party and State, especially the active interest of the Party and State's Ben Tre through the period of the event held on coconut, coconut tree will become the home of the strategy tree National tree of life, trees enrich homeland.

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