Cooperative Support economic development


100 cooperatives operating in the fields of agriculture, industry and construction, trade and services are converging under the common house: Cooperative Union City. Economic sectors are creating employment opportunities for more than 45 thousand employees, annual amount of wealth produced nearly 400 billion dong worth. But not in business to make a breakthrough, but insists economic cooperatives crucial role in social life and a need to boost development.
Overcoming difficulties
Although affected by the global economic crisis, natural disasters, disease ... but in Danang Cooperative Economic growth remains positive. If in 2006, the total business of the cooperative is only about 110 billion, it is now 236 billion. In 2010, the total turnover of the cooperative 375 billion, up 5% of all annual, budget revenues of 13.6 billion.
Currently, the income of cooperative members increased to 60% in 2006 In it, the 32 cooperatives operating in the agricultural sector grossed 16 billion (2010), 1.1 billion profit, regular employment and income stability for more than 29 thousand members. 35 cooperative construction industry and annual revenue of 176 billion, employing 2,315 workers. 32 cooperative trade - the business capital services increased 3.5 times in 2010 compared to 2006, annual sales reached 183 billion, employing 2,807 workers.
Due to the dynamic sensitivity, efforts to overcome difficulties, many cooperatives achieve high sales, the mainstay of the trust members. Also typical is mentioned in recent years as cooperative DVSX KDTH Hoa Tien-1, Cooperative Bamboo An Khe, Hai SXTMDV Eastern Cooperative, Cooperative Support Services-box lorries and cars traveling ... has appeared many new cooperatives established under specialization from the club professional as cooperatives mushrooms, cooperative flower growing, fish ... Especially, cooperative DVSX & KDTH Hoa Cuong has successfully transformed from trading agricultural services to investment, management, market trading.
However, cooperative economics are under considerable pressure in the market. Although Resolution 02-NQ / TU of the Standing Committee of Danang Committee on the consolidation and development of the collective economy in agriculture in the province and city 2007-2015 Decision 7303 / QD People's Committee of the Municipal People's Committee dated 9-9-2008 to promulgate plans to implement the Resolution 02 of the Party Standing Committee, but the activities of agricultural cooperatives still have not really took off.
Tenure over 9 establishment of agricultural cooperatives, the cooperative has 6 dissolved, many cooperative activities moderately inefficient. The operatives in the field of S-XD, TM-DV small scale, infrastructure, slow technology innovation, product competitiveness in the market. In some agricultural cooperatives, cooperative members are not devoted to business activities, debt procrastination. Almost all cooperatives are difficult to access loans from banks. That is not counting, cooperative staff mainly through experience, training at basic, lacks the dynamic, sensitive to the times. Besides, the mechanism of action is unclear, the lack of support from investors on ...
Need to support development
To create a breakthrough in the business of the cooperative economy, to create opportunities for the cooperatives to access loans, especially concessional financing, training and retraining, additional human resources for the cooperatives, branding support branded products, expand markets ... to every 5-7 years to develop cooperatives in various fields, growing 10-15% / year, significant factors are cooperative decisions must be invested in capital to innovative equipment and technology, upgrading facilities to attract highly qualified personnel. City policy requires allowance for key personnel agricultural cooperatives, cooperative staff training, establishment of development funds to support cooperative ... The cooperative must actively branding its products and actively participate fairs to promote products; tour organized learning models advanced ...

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