Cover bamboo lamp La goes out to the world


Villagers organized and developed new manufacturing hundreds of light rattan handicrafts are keen to meet environmental protection requirements, aesthetics of foreign consumers.

In particular, many light patterns are used in hotels, restaurants, large and luxurious resort stretches Vietnam and some countries in the world.

It is these unique rattan lamps have "saved" traditional craft village is lost, dying slowly before the competition comes from the household items by other cheap plastic material and help the reputation of the village Wicker Bao Luo is known in the market further.

How rattan lamp La diversity of style, sharp in every way knit, with many dimensions as lights fig, pomegranate lights, helmet lamps, lights hexagonal, octagonal honeycomb lights, string lights quilt square, quilt square lights slanted, shower lights, ...

"These lights material is both traditional and modern takes on this can compete with equivalent products with other materials. In particular, product designs are the artisans of the village dig creativity, design "- Vo Van Dinh, chairman of the cooperative rattan Bao Luo said.

"We passed the partner company in Quang Binh, Hanoi to export rattan items abroad. In addition, bamboo and rattan items Bao Luo are "enclosed" in the parcels business of exporting different crafts to reach international markets. On the other hand, many tourists come to visit, take cooperative buying multiple quantities as souvenir and help brand rattan Bao La themselves to the world "- he said cheerfully Palace.

According to Dinh, the product of cooperative Bao La lamps have a lifespan of around 10 years if it is hanging in the house, no less beside the lamp is made of sustainable materials. Many villages of bamboo and rattan in water has to cooperatives to learn, take market entry of products unique lighting products as well as other fine rattan.

"Looking ahead we will research to manufacture the lamps can be stowed easily transported to light rattan Bao Luo is" abroad "more widespread" - Mr. Dinh said.

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