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Over 30 years in the profession, Mr. Phan Liem (68, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra, Da Nang) did not know how much knitting basket boats for fishermen Danang and the neighboring provinces. In recent years, his basket boat while abroad to Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Spain ...
His family's meager remaining households stick with knitting handmade craft 'in Da Nang.
Occupation "hereditary"
In makeshift roadside hut front, wrinkled face for five months, calloused hands after many years with the profession, Mr. Liem painstakingly erasing the first sound difficult to start knitting a new craft '.
He said, his house three generations have done weaving craft ', from his birth to his father and his children. His father is a prominent Aboriginal craft 'in Da Nang at the time, was the product of his favorite fisherman. He himself did not follow the small business until released from the old man, his new apprentice to his father's connections. Like many other coastal guy, he was 14 years old sailing with you. More than 20 years of sailing the high seas and then he decided to leave the sea to shore up the work. He said, compared with seafaring, weaving boat more stable, less hard than every day at rest. Now his two sons as he Phan Minh City (40 years old) and he Phan Anh (37 years old) also succeeded with his father and working together.

According to Liem, to woven baskets are a boat, a worker must work hard 5 days (small boat) and 7 days (big boat).
He said, this profession acquainted and see what process is easy but very important spokes pickets. Nan pickets to knit it for them when new ones are hard, but the software will not be the same boat. Tre in order to take him Hoa Phong, Hoa Nhon (Hoa Vang district, Da Nang) and hire of passenger vehicles. Must choose a reliable old bamboo new boat. Just 5-7 then woven bamboo is a boat.
Tre shaved clean and chop into small nan-half size distribution, pickets gutting took only 5 days for kidneys exposed to dry before you start knitting. Knitting is done in stages and phases fraud charges waistband, sweep manure.
Seeing our surprised to hear him talking about scanning cow dung, he laughed and said: "This is the experienced folk. Scan to cow dung will get into crevices, when the water expands and forms a protective layer waterproof pannier perfect ".

His craft 'Integrity does not just stick with the local fishermen out all foreigners.
The scan is complete, two days to dry and then start scanning the oil. He said that, in recent years the market appeared a composite oils are also used to scan his life of each boat to boat baskets also increased.
He said this job is not difficult, just meticulous, tenacious and tough. Ever the meticulous, strenuous job, he said: "Mechanics, tailors, masons, carpenters were used to measure the size and support machinery. And knitting craft 'workers must be done single handedly. Measuring, drawing and just the naked eye. After years of hard skilled craftsmen weaving a new craft 'avoid bleeding times because bamboo stabbed. As time apprentices shall be the daily stab bamboo, this scar not healing others overlap. Sit for lung pain, aches ".
"So many young apprentices to be a few days and then dropped out because of intolerable hard. Do not know when generation is no longer, there are those who follow this profession, "he sighed.
'Craft abroad
Mr. Liem not remember how many boats were weaving baskets from his hand to cater to fishermen Da Nang and neighboring provinces. The word spread so fishermen provinces of Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Nha Trang ... Da Nang port also sought to buy his product result. Not only used for inshore fishing, basket boat fishermen also give up big passenger boats fishing offshore.
On average, each month approximately 15 knit family boat, large diameter 2.2m with $ 2.5 million, small diameter 1.8m cost 2 million. Work out, work every day, a worker earned 200 thousand dollars. "That is your make and to earn," he explained.

The sun has just peaked early, his father started Integrity busy finishing some boats just finished knitting. He said, need to fold the timely delivery of a Japanese guests, they ordered ten.
He said, in 2000, in a time with a group of foreign tourists to visit, they find themselves woven into the boat so had to see. They said "cement silos steering" something with each other and with the translator told him he was required to purchase 10 boat. He told them in the West, how that boat, he told them to buy the translator to travel and not go to the beach.
Since that time, many tourists visit his orders. A number of foreign visitors to Ho Chi Minh City travel to places he knew well ordered. There he was weaving boat Integrity sold to customers in countries such as Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Spain ...
"This profession as well as many other jobs, just work their daily lives without it. But I'm also glad that our products are foreign made, "said Liem share.

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