Crafts nghe- arduous branding


As one of the export sector is strong, but the products of traditional handicrafts of Vietnam has not created its own brand in the international market. Product development experience and financial capacity of enterprises limited path makes it the branding of handicrafts arduous.

Every handicrafts of Vietnam can absolutely build brands on the market due to good quality. Photo: S.T
Not only is the name
Have "seniority" export more than 10 years of traditional bamboo products, bamboo furniture to demanding markets such as Russia, Germany ..., but the production company, exporting bamboo crafts Smoked still not able to build a strong foothold in the market, whether the product has "name" private and steady orders from partners.
Mr. Nguyen Ky, director of the company said, bamboo products, bamboo furniture export company's customers appreciate the quality, the durability, certainly, because the majority of the products are handmade. However, the biggest weakness making the handicraft products in Vietnam less attractive customers in the design, lack of innovation forms, updated market trends and prices of products less competitive .
"Currently most of handicraft products in Vietnam have stiff competition with China. Despite the advantages of quality, but due to the handicraft export companies mainly manufacturing base of small and medium scale, is very small, even can not afford to invest in design, design matching products to customer tastes.
Meanwhile, prices of products of Vietnam is higher than 10 - 15% compared to direct competitors such as China, it is difficult to get a foothold in the market. So that although we have focused on the brand, starting with the proper name for the product, but lack the capacity to invest in depth, making it difficult to compete "- Mr. Ky said.
These companies export goods handicraft tradition that built the proper name is not enough to place products on the market. Because along with the name associated with its own characteristics, taking into account the traditional product line, quality requirements, especially models, design is very important for product branding.
But according to Mr. Ky, in terms of product quality in Vietnam is quite comfortable, but with design models, designs, most companies are very weak. Do not invested, as well as experience in the design, so most companies do only form available products, or samples scraped on the market, not investment intensive to get the line own product design.
Need formal strategy
For those businesses with the ability to further investment in product designs, branding the story is still a long way. To maintain steady revenue annually up to $ 1 million, with many product lines, but his characteristic Thai Dai Phong, Director of Duc Phong Co., Ltd. also have to admit that the brand development of the weak points company.
Even even though this company has an investment in all stages of training and human resources to build a team specifically designed the product line, but the brand development is still quite difficult. "We opened the vocational training centers, training more than 20,000 students with 900 classes for 31 villages to improve their skills in order to produce quality products to meet customer requirements.
Besides, the company also established its own design team, in collaboration with a design school in Denmark and appointed school officials to update the design trends of the world "- Mr Feng for said.
For a long time, experts have recommended, good quality products, beautiful designs suit the tastes, consumer trends is not enough to shape the brand, which must be widely promoted strategy . While this is a sizable investment, beyond the enterprise, making it difficult to operate widely and methodically.
According to calculations, the broadcast channel is the most popular fairs, international exhibitions, the cost of attending each well up to tens or even hundreds of millions, of other channels such as advertising in places or export markets can be up to millions of dollars. In addition, in order to build the brand protection registration issues, intellectual property is also essential, but businesses still complain registration process is complicated now, trouble should take a long time.
There have been instances, handicraft products originated from Vietnam sold for only a few tens of dollars, but also with products that, when the NK labeled their brand, product value has increased by 40 times. This fact shows, handicraft products in Vietnam can fully develop the brand in the market for value-added products.
However, according to experts besides businesses build brand strategy development associated with improving product quality, protection registration, promotion, the State should have policies to assist in determining the specific product lines, design, advertising on the international market ...

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