Every handicraft is a strength of Vietnam. Export of this item brings real turnover is very high. Currently, there are over 2,000 craft villages, attracting more than 13 million workers; 1.4 million households engaged in manufacturing and more than 1,000 enterprises engaged in production - exporting handicraft products. We can say, craft handicraft producers are now creating jobs, raising incomes for people in rural areas, contributed to the production value of the local industry and to accelerating the process of economic restructuring.
With a long tradition in the production of handicrafts, Vietnam's potential in production and exports of handicrafts to the world market today is huge.

Goods exported handicrafts of Vietnam has developed a number of advantages as follows:
First, this is the business sector has huge potential, and our country has advantages for input materials domestically abundant, active and human resources - numerous craftsmen, skilled experience high with hundreds of years of traditional, low-cost labor, so to speak, compared to other sectors in the handicraft goods less competitive group most;
Second, this is an area left open investment, no major investment focus, but rather the production base of small business and fragmentation;
Third, this is an area highly effective investment. Capital investment is quite small compared to other sectors of investment, return on capital investment is high, the amount of foreign currency earned entirely in water use;
Fourth, this is the business sector has a very high social significance, for bringing jobs and income for thousands of people, helping to change the face of rural Vietnam and earned significant source of foreign exchange for land water. This is also the field of investment and State Party concerned to facilitate development incentives;
Fifth, every handicraft products are contained deeply artistic, cultural content of ethnic traditions Vietnam

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