Although there are arts and crafts industry exports is not high compared with many other items but they bring foreign currency with a very high proportion of their exports.
The handicraft items (handicrafts) have relatively high growth rates in recent years, an average of about 20% / year, creating jobs for about 1.3 million people.
In 2009, the handicrafts exports reached nearly $ 900 million. As of May 8, 2010, a number of items such as bamboo and rattan exports reached $ 135 million, $ 200 million more ceramics ...
Industry with high profit margins
Although the handicrafts sector has not exports high compared to many other export commodities, but bring handicrafts source of foreign currency for the country has a very high proportion of its exports, with the face handicrafts goods virtually 100% of the export value, remaining well over 80% of exports.
For every $ 1 million in exports of handicrafts industry is 5-10 times higher rate than the mining industry; job creation 3 to 5 thousand employees. Thus, groups are classified as handicrafts products have great export potential and high profit margins.
Handicrafts production plays an important role in restructuring the rural economy, the industry attracted many workers to participate as exports, contributing to poverty alleviation in rural areas.
Currently there are more than 2,000 different villages with more than 1.3 million workers in handicrafts and approximately 1,120 firms exporting handicrafts.
However, exports of goods from Vietnam handicrafts are still facing challenges in terms of quality and market. It can be seen Vietnam enterprises invest too little for market research, especially in the market dedicated to prototyping and design. So, lots of crafts Vietnam no apparent use and not aimed at a specific market to dominate it.
Second, poor designs, designs and types. Currently, about 90% of export handicrafts products are manufactured according to designs of foreign orders. This will solve the well head but in the long run will do "thwarted" the creative ideas of artists and tradesmen, but actual collection efficiency is low. A nice design products, unique designs can provide 4 times the value compared with conventional models.
According to the Chairman of Vietnam Craft Village Association, the production scale of the village, production facilities handicrafts mostly small, odd. Moreover, the lack of coherence and cooperation between institutions has led to insufficient ability to meet large orders.
Towards sustainable development
To expand export markets offer handicrafts products for sustainable development aims to export 1.5 billion handicrafts products in the future, the industry experts offering solutions.
First, production of handicrafts enterprises should actively build links to villages or clusters of handicrafts production. Each cluster or village may by 5-10 collaboration established businesses, support each other in business activities such as production sharing contracts or assign large segments of production.
Second, strengthen quality control to produce products, to ensure uniformity and quality stability, at the same time overcome the defective products, to ensure the perfect aesthetic , safety of use, strengthen customer confidence for their art products.
Third, strengthen the collection of information in various forms to ensure grasp the needs, habits and customs of each locality, as well as the policy provides for import standard production design appropriate products to promote expansion of export markets.
In addition, to increase the abundance of product design, it is necessary to promote innovative design styles to suit the tastes and needs of consumers.

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