Develop traditional craft villages in Tien Giang


Along with sticking with fields, gardens ..., Tien Giang people also take advantage of the available resources of the local production of traditional handmade products bearing the local culture of the village form famous. On this basis, the province is trying to restore and conserve the traditional villages towards sustainable development.

Enriched lines
Having the opportunity to Tien Giang, stop at My Tho city, urban centers of the province, visitors do not miss the opportunity to visit the village and enjoy special My Tho noodles, especially noodles cake material has chewy, soft, non-friable and has its own flavor without noodles unrivaled. Sea Cruises online you will be introduced to visit the famous village for more than a century. It is the craft of making shrimp paste and rub craft cabinet Cong church. Mr. Cao Van Ho, all establishments producing shrimp paste rub Kim Sa Cong town proudly tells the origin of the craft of making shrimp paste rub: Cong waters rich capital of shrimp, fish, sea so people have that take advantage of this resource that are processed into products such as dried fish, all kinds of fish ... shrimp paste rub alone product, characterized by the unique taste of shrimp paste rub nowhere to be produced outside the Go Industry, therefore Hue Court used to living in ceremony, party ..., From then on, the craft of making shrimp paste and rub be kept circulating in the People's Cong to this day. And the Non Ong, Tan Trung, Cong town people will be witnessing craftsmanship, aesthetic, meticulous dresser of the church by the artisans here create. Tan Duc Ngo, the owner of three German carpentry, over sixty years in the profession said: The dresser Cong church tradition where not only famous for wooden material constituting the full use of ebony wood as well as , cam lai, red type, hate the car ... but the key is to show lines carved delicate pattern, cleverly made into the elegant, eye-catching medium stately, elegant medium, and high highly durable, more than a hundred years. Particularly in the western district of Tien Giang - land of year-round with fertile alluvial plains storks fly, straight wings, the orchards are heavy with sweet fruit, false fruit season this end, farmers took advantage the idle manually generate additional income by utilizing the resources in place that form the famous villages such as weaving and cross-reference, u stay in Long Dinh, knitting hats bladder let go in Cuu Nghia Tan Lee Dong Chau Thanh district, wheat crackers profession in Cai Be district ...
Conservation and development
According to statistics of the Department of Industry and Trade, annual output value of trade villages in the province is about 300 to 400 billion, accounting for nearly 10% of the province's industrial production, employment steady yearly from five to ten thousand professionals and workers from 10 to 15 thousand workers harvest. Per capita income from 600 to 800 thousand / month, individual household income from 15 to 20 million / month. However, most of the province's villages are self development, labor is plentiful, but largely high-quality, low-qualified workers, mostly secondary, has not been thoroughly trained, only a small part of labor and skilled techniques so as to change product designs, often making it difficult to upgrade their skills to achieve quality product, so low income; no clue organizational management arrangements operate effectively village, stop at the small-scale production, the lack of links; activities inconsistent and limited competitiveness, productivity and income of workers is low and irregular. Besides, the village activities without a specific plan, local authorities are more confused in arranging, organizing to limit investment in the development of production; lack of interest of all levels, industry and local organizations working in the village, the support policy is not specified in accordance with local practice. Therefore, to preserve and develop the village, Tien Giang Province has officially recognized 13 project villages and focused investment in development with a total investment budget for infrastructure construction over 30 billion budget State support of more than 20 billion remaining to motivate people to contribute. Deputy Director of the Rural Development Tien Giang Vo Van Lap said the province has enacted conservation program and village development for 2008-2010 and vision to 2020 and see it as an important task in strategic local economic development, to maintain, conserve and develop the local cultural values, eliminate hunger, reduce poverty, increase incomes for farmers, changing the face of rural areas can help to transfer rural economic structure towards industrialization and modernization. In particular, special emphasis on the development of new villages to be eligible.
After restoration project villages, many projects, schemes supported research to promote the development of villages, such as research on cone system pressure drop and pot dyed eagle eagle for craft villages Cuu Nghia eagle release system for high efficiency; modeling studies mats sell replacement auto craft villages in Long Dinh mats; technology research and noodles processing system for small and medium scale, yields a ton / day for bread village, My Tho noodles noodles and dried fish drying project in Vam Lang Commune, Go Cong Dong. In addition, the Centre for development and industrial consultancy (DoIT) was to plant 10 hectares of strabismus, generating materials for weaving mats Long Dinh village, with an output of more than 200 tons / year .. . Since the focus, this support, the village of Tien Giang has gradually prospered. Specifically, the village church Cong cabinet has gradually recover, grow. Cabinet of cooperative village church Cong Pham Van Nam said happily: Initially, the village only about 20 to 30 households, with more than 50 employees specializing in far villages nearly 300 skilled workers hereditary form, and many households worked together more than 1,200 workers employed; in which 50% of workers specialized, earning more than three million dong / month, and 50% of workers remaining seasonal activity, increased income over a million / month. Labor income of the village church Cong cabinets are considered the highest in the village of Tien Giang Province. As well as the village church Cong cabinet, original village, Chau Thanh and hat eagle release only a few dozen households and villages there are now more than two thousand households participate in knit family. Characteristics of the profession as employers in many different ages. Currently about 70 professional artists aged over 50 years, continues to participate in vocational and professional teaching others. The production helps enlist workers do more hours, moderate use more labor combining work such as housekeeping, child care, raising incomes of labor ... usually regularly from 1.5 to 2 million / month has helped stabilize the lives of people here. Currently, more than 90% of villages have products exported to the United States, Spain, France, I-ta-li-a, China, Japan. In addition, these products are also resorts and western provinces consumed. A village in the market to provide about a million products ...
Thanks attention, guidance and support planning through project development investment, trade promotion and training of workers, the traditional village of Tien Giang has been gradually recovering and on the rise development, creating high-value goods, positive contribution to exports, restructuring the rural economy and other social benefits. However, to the traditional village sustainable development, the province should focus on promoting the training of human resources; villages linked with tourism development; branding; campaign and the cooperative organization established to create a legal basis to conclude the contract of sale, export, especially to create a cohesive between provinces and local authorities in the development of the village tradition.

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