Earn cash from making products made ​​from dirt abroad


With the production of handicraft items made from rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, papyrus and sister Pha (Ha Noi) has created jobs for hundreds of workers, and put the dirt of products from Vietnam to with friends in Europe.
Nguyen Thi Pha owners rattan production, export dirt rush Ngoc Phu, Trung Tri commune (Phu Xuyen - Ha Noi) started making bamboo and rattan from 1992 to 2000, she began working more products are handmade from water hyacinth material. When asked about the fate brought her to the wing with the dirt, she laughed and said: "In 2000, I received a tray made from water hyacinth in South sent out, they asked me to do the tray as that? I remove it to see how it was done, I finally did, and start making products from dirt ".

By talented hands and creative mind, she turned Pha fragile petals dirt into the beautiful handicrafts, crafted with multiple shapes and sizes.
"Every year we make about 100 kinds of products with sizes, different shapes. I usually find out and invent new product designs, unusual items to add to the number of rich and diversified to meet the needs of customers, "she shared.
By talented hands and creative minds, Nguyen Thi Pha has turned the fields into the fragile dirt handicraft products beautiful, with exquisite shapes, different sizes.
Handcrafted products made from rattan, rush and dirt are preferred market, especially products made from dirt. Each product made from dirt on the market price 150000-300000 dong (depending on the shape and size of the product), a product with 2-3. Handcrafted products made from such diverse dirt bags, fruit trays, baskets, floor mats ...
Manufacturing establishments rattan dirt, rush Ngoc Phu export is 300 craftsmen, income averaging 2-2.5 million dong a month. In addition, the facility also create jobs for many farmers in the village harvest time, families can get the product home and income based on the number of products, average 1.5-2 million a month. At Tri China has about 50 households are doing machining for her production facilities Pha.
At the end of 2013, due to market demand, she opened Pha 1 manufacturing facility in Ninh Binh, the facility currently has about 200 craftsmen. Each month, her 2 production facility around 2000-3000 suite of products, sales of about 4-5 billion a year, excluding costs, interest of about 250 million.
The handmade products produced by establishments Pha her work primarily for export; these products have been sold in many countries such as America, Japan, Russia ...
With enthusiasm and passion, she Pha was a clown for over 20 years. In 2013, she is honored to be recognized artisans, the People's Committee of Phu Xuyen district commendation for "outstanding achievements in the construction and development of villages Phu Xuyen district 2011-2013".
When asked about the future plans, she Pha said: "Looking ahead, I will expand the existing production facilities and establish a manufacturing base again to meet the needs of handicraft products made from dirt market ".

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