Efficiency "old job" in new rural construction


Implement the national target program on building new rural areas, the years, Tay Ninh has effectively promote traditional industries, thereby creating jobs and income for the people and keep preserve the local cultural identity from their previous jobs ...
Hand knitting and singing baskets, rattan baskets, Pham Thi Tam, 74 years old, live in four neighborhoods, towns Hoa Thanh Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province expressed: "This is the hereditary profession of Sale my family. Previously, my parents also live by this. since I apprenticed at age 12, later descendants adopted by weaving. has a high old time, but I still knit 2 baskets each day, each sold 35,000 ".

  It says her range, bamboo and rattan also help her stay healthy, happy and harmonious life with children. Understanding the value of traditional crafts, she said orientation descendants outside farming, livestock and some other sideline, still proceed as bamboo, rattan, moderate income growth, just keep forging descendants subculture tradition. Also thanks to preserve heirloom, her family and her children range are built spacious homes.
Nguyen Van Tuan, her grandson Games, said: "Before, I would go to workers, monthly income was 3.5 million contracts, must fully pay the cost of vocational training. If it is not paid off, go do the job income but also unstable. So, I decided to take the traditional weaving ".
Every day he was 5 Tuan basket, excluding expenses on his income 100,000. In addition, he also livestock, farming, home work ... Not only Tuan, many people in the region also have to think like that. Tay Ninh province land is barren, harsh climate. The province has more than 30 traditional industries, including many well-known industries such as rice paper, salt pepper, carpentry, incense ... attracted over 18,000 employees. Traditional industries not only attract the workers, but also attract significant elderly, harvest labor ... involved. The value of traditional craft production in 2013 reached more than 397 billion.
Going into the villages and hamlets in the districts of Thanh Hoa, Trang Bang, home carpentry, weaving, incense, rice paper ... thrive, we witnessed many goods as interior decorations , traditional craft products, are sold along the inter-village roads, create rural business parks. What's more impressive is we are traveling on the road between the village and commune were concreted. Many of the cultural preserve, build clean, beautiful, sticky background activity; many high rises springing up to make up the neighborhood, affluent village. This is all due to the efforts of individual governments and the people in the building of new countryside, including revenues generated from the old job.
Of course, whether a new job or career, the former has its own difficulties. Recently, a number of raw rattan, bamboo, wood scarce; unstable market prices; not aware of the people at the border area is limited ... making traditional craft products consumed more difficult. To remedy this situation, leaders and departments function of Tay Ninh province has reviewed carefully the professions, planning and reorganization to promote the strengths of each professional match each area, associated with planning new rural construction. The local initiative promoting advocacy, training, retraining, training, experience common occupations for farmers ... Mr. Ta Van Dao, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed Tay Ninh Province that: "the province has a capital support policies for poor households, cooperatives established traditional industries, while encouraging people to traditional industry infrastructure investment, perfecting the manufacturing process, multi-diversify and improve the quality of products in accordance with consumer tastes. The province is also actively associated with the province of Cambodia, share, trade promotion to expand markets, promote consumption, product consumption and promote traditional crafts associated with tourism development, service ".
Upholding traditional industries in Tay Ninh has contributed a good deal of idle labor force in rural areas, improve the people's lives, preserve local cultural identity, social security, promote new rural construction, to ensure order and security, border security. Compared with 2010, the last in 2013, per capita income reached 27.8 million / person, up to 5.3 million people / year; poor households fell below 1.67%. From income people build positive contribution to the project, creating a sea change and build new rural sustainability.

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