Every handicraft: Find opportunities in home


Handicraft industries, such as ceramics, wood ... art of Dong Nai principally geared to the export market. A few years back when exporting difficulty, a number of enterprises (companies) go back to looking right at home opportunities.

Hoang Anh Truong Ba, all establishments producing wooden toys Hoang Thien Phat (Trang Bom district), said: "Vietnam has over 90 million people. This is a potential market for the material life of the people has been improving. "
* Shifting Market
According to some wooden handicraft companies in the industry, the industry's main market is export. "Stadium" the last time was almost empty. During the period of the export market hard early, many foreign orders shipped reducing both output and profit making enterprises begin to pay more attention to "home" - which was deemed to be less attractive.
"My goal is to establish production facilities wood toys Hoang Thien Phat is the export market and is very convenient when receiving large orders from Japan. After a loss of orders, I decided to move the market to "home" and define it as the foundation for development unit "- he told School. Finding a place right at "home" is not so easy. In 2007, when the product is on the market, virtually alone basis since that time, the product line of wooden toys made for export only. He persevered School for a year to build networks with multi-channel consumer reach customers, from the agent system, to shop online sales to customers familiar with the product Hoang Thien Phat. Gradually, the domestic market began more vibrant and Vietnamese enterprises involved in the production lines of the wooden toys.

Dinh Anh Minh Thong, all Vietnamese Dinh Quang Pte Wood, DN sharing product lines specializing antique furniture exports to the EU, Taiwan, China ... A few years ago, exports increasingly difficult and interests profit from declining orders as well as rising input costs, especially raw materials producers increasingly scarce. Show businesses are moving gradually to make the order processing line decoration products, wooden toys for the local market. This is the transition for enterprises to find development opportunities at "home".
* No lack of opportunities
Ms. Tran Thi Lien, director of Minh Tien Company Limited (Trang Bom District), share their own experiences, their own businesses money 2 times each to participate in international fairs in Marseille (France) and well into the export market difficult cases, such as France, USA, Sweden ... but the domestic market remains the primary DN. According to Lien, "the Dong Nai ceramic industry is highly developed, but previous businesses interested in exporting only neglecting the domestic market for cheap Chinese goods is rampant. Currently, many companies specialize in exports is a positive spin on the domestic market. But competitive pressures in this sector is not small, but the wave of Vietnam in support of widening current will not lack opportunities for businesses to occupy the home. "
Nguyen Thanh Nhan, all wooden handicraft establishments Thanh Nhan (Trang Bom district), said from the beginning of the year, exports increased both wooden handicraft orders and values. However, many establishments in wooden handicraft village of Trang Bom still interested in making goods for the domestic market. He's proof: "There is the domestic market consumes about 20% of the annual output of the facility. Share of domestic consumption is still modest, but sustainable basis than to have a place at "home". But as domestic goods but the quality and price of the product is exported as a standard object is consumed overseas visitors. Accordingly, the production of goods for the domestic market usually eat seasonal tourism ".

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