Every Vietnam handicrafts attract customers Thailand


The ancient merchant ship models by Vietnam craftsmen have crafted a Thai company imported and introduced at the exhibition handicraft products in Thailand and internationally in Bangkok, attracting the attention special customers.

This exhibition is organized within the framework of the activities to commemorate the 82nd birthday of the Queen of Thailand, is an opportunity for these workers interact, learn and grow towards a public market General Council next year.

This exhibition attracted nearly 300 arts and crafts business in Thailand and dozens of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It has become an opportunity to enhance the exchange and integration between trade and handicraft markets in Thailand and internationally.

Japan spent a large booth to showcase and teaching institution visitors making paper box, a typical product of the traditional land of sunrise.

Vietnam is not directly involved in this exhibition, but each handicrafts of Vietnam has been a Thai company imported and brought to the exhibition, which is the ancient merchant ship models. This item is described symbol of prosperity in business and success in life so well suited to the tastes of Thailand gifts.

She Prangtip Chanthanamuk, at the arts and crafts booths Vietnam, said: "Our Space specializes introduced the ancient merchant ship models, the handicraft items of Vietnam has been imported here. In days, this item has attracted the attention of many customers because they are as elaborate and sophisticated. majority of visitors are business people so they'd owned merchant ship models, a symbol of prosperity and success. prices of these vessels is assessed not too expensive. conventional some customers are also interested, because it's simply beautiful. "

The handicraft products from Thailand exhibiting quite varied, which mainly jewelry items, display crafted from precious stones. The items are made from gold, silver also were taken to introduce, for the purpose of exchange and communication in order to further improve the quality and form of handicraft products in Thailand.

Some Thai companies also organize practice crafted handicrafts products at the exhibition for visitors to better understand the work of craftsmen, which will have a sense of honor and preserve the craftsmanship of the Thai media.

Most notable in this exhibition are handicraft items are made from the shell of Thailand. Although the shell is very fragile, but through the skillful hands of craftsmen combined with modern technology, we have become decorative items, jewelry meaningful and subtle.

He Pusit Karnjanasiripan, who crafted products from eggshell, shared with reporters Vietnam +: "We started this work very difficult. Way over 10 years ago, in Thailand no one has crafted handmade items technology from the shell. products I remember our very first is simply decorated on egg shells. then I have sold to 1,000 baht. Some time later, I began to think about need to manipulate the unique products of their own. Finally we were able to open the shell, but the most unique is the paint color on the shell makes our products sobering more, very hard to break even when you dropped to the ground. thing in Thailand, few people can do. "

Pusit effects of existing processing facilities has been the product of spiritual meaning as the reindeer, Phuc-Loc-Tho or eggs wrapped Buddha statue ... The products are made from ostrich eggshell good meaning or made from goose eggshell meant prosperity.

In this exhibition, honoring target handicraft products including design, development techniques, methods and materials selected combination of ideas to keep the original product has been subject high.

These products, such as ancient merchant ship models or decorative shell has attracted special interests, opening up opportunities to exchange, exchanges preparation for the formation of a joint community next year.

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