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The current village development not only in economic profits, create jobs for local workers, but also to preserve the value of unique traditional culture is transmitted from generation to generation . Where production is concentrated products with its own identity. This is also an opportunity to promote the image of the country, home to the South with the nation and the world. In particular, development of villages is one of the resources important tourist humanities.
Ben Tre land formed on three blocks of land large islet (islet Bao Minh islets and islet An Hoa), the preferential nature water landscape charming, sweet fruit on the tree in all four seasons, of fresh air, quiet, on the specialties of the river, the sea, the gardens ... Especially, this land is suitable for development of coconut trees, so that this country has promoted forest green coconut thousands, immense, immense. With the above characteristics, in this village also developing diversity and abundance, such as coconut fiber production, crafts and handicrafts from coconut handicraft villages other. Activity in this village but not as much as the other local, but it fits with the ingenuity of the local people. Here visitors will discover villages.
Handicraft villages technology Phuoc Long - Giong Trom

From the city of Ben Tre Ben Tre visitors 2 bridge, turn right under the provincial Highway 887 about 12km away is the village handicraft Phuoc Long Phuoc Long Commune, Giong Trom district. Launched in recent years, so that the creative application and use that fair value coconut trees bring, so the village has produced a rich series of products, such as products from handicrafts coconut, coconut straw baskets, coconut fiber production ... visitors to the area will be witnessing the stages of a product as "coconut straw basket" that the workers were just learning to knit and done 3 days 8 stages such as the spokes, frame column, knitting, pinyin, wrap spinning, cracked, finished bottom of the basket and finally stored in the storage countless trees. Basket weaving coconut stalks appeared over 20 years, initially served only to daily work but gradually developed into a large village with high export value.
Coconut straw basket weaving village Hung Phong - Giong Trom

Hung Phong (also called Con Oc), is separated from the mainland, in a well-alcoholic himself. Currently, to get to this village, visitors can travel by sea and by road. If the water goes from Ben Tre river visitors down the line of Ham Luong will take about 45 minutes; the road from Ben Tre city tourists crossing the bridge go straight 2 Ben Tre province along the 887, to fall 3 Phuoc Long way to the Ferry Hung Phong, about 6km turn right to go straight to the ferry Hung Phong.
Coconut straw basket weaving here, although only formed more than 16 years, but there is strong development mostly household production. Through various designs are increasingly popular market, especially at the end of the year as demand made gift basket, so the product is consumed very much. The basket stages as well as in the village of Phuoc Long.
Coconut fiber craft villages and Khanh Thanh Tan Thanh An

From the city of Ben Tre passing tourists according QL60 Ham Luong bridge to the town of Mo Cay Nam, about 3km away tourists will come to the village turn right just coir An Thanh, Mo Cay Nam. Coconut fiber craft villages in Khanh Thanh Tan, Mo Cay Bac also include about 10km.
This is the new village development and satellite later scattered across the province, especially in areas with many coconut plantation. But mostly in An Thanh commune - Mo Cay Nam and Khanh Thanh Tan - Mo Cay Bac. Natural structure of administrative boundaries lies 02 local Lotion River, is extremely favorable conditions for product transportation by water. Ben Tre residents has long been applied particularly innovative coconut has long been familiar to the people of Ben Tre. Coconuts are transformed into products very rich and diverse. But in particular, in the two villages is produced from coconut fiber products into only se ... Only coir many different types of mattress only, just sclerosis, only fiber yarn, coated with rubber mattresses, carpet weaving, mat carpet, floor mats, ... Currently these products are regularly exported to Korea, India ...
Mat-making village (Thanh Nhon - An Association - Member Thoi B)

Rach Mieu bridge under QL60, the Tan Thanh roundabout intersection turn right under the provincial road 884 visitors over 9km away, or from the city. Ben Tre 12km by road to the village mats Hiep Thuan hamlet Fill - An Hiep Commune - Chau Thanh. Or visitors can come mats Nhon Thanh village located in the coastal city of Ben Tre. Even tourists Xincheng intersection along QL60 avoid crossing the bridge in Ben Tre 2, through My Thanh An commune is going to Nhon Thanh commune. In Mo Cay Nam district also villages with papyrus mats are very popular in social Thanh Thoi B, according QL60 tourists through the Ham Luong Bridge go over 25km in the direction as to where to go Tra Vinh.

For Ben Tre, weaving straw mats appeared quite early, take place throughout the year in many villages in the commune and usually starts from January to the end of December of the lunar calendar. However, production is usually bustling premiere at the end of the year, by this time, the people in the province and neighboring provinces usually buy new mats, with beautiful decorative patterns on the use of household houses, pagodas, temples, weaving ... for reference, women are seen as key workers, because they have the patience and soft hands, talent, so they can weave mats beautiful rugged in the fastest time. Tiling is the main material of weaving straw mats. Due to climatic conditions should be planted in the slices in the province as Nhon Thanh District, Ben Tre city; An Hiep, Chau Thanh; Thanh Thoi commune separate B, Mo Cay Nam, the material derived from papyrus. Years ago, the villagers weaving straw mats in the materials used in the province. Today, due to the need to use more reference should to buy slices from Vinh Long, Dong Thap on to produce. Projection of weaving products are consumed in many parts of the country, from rural to urban areas, in contrast to the plains from the south, from north to south. The weavers can sell direct reference to the people in the locality or sold to vendors who carry projectors in neighboring localities. In addition, the projection of the weaving village also exported abroad.
Lu casting village of Hoa Loi - Thanh Phu

From Ben Tre City visitor Ham Luong bridge under QL60 go about 30 km turn right going to Hoa Loi commune, Thanh Phu District. This village was born as a necessity. Because living in the river, the sea adjacent to the majority of people in Hoa Loi sought to use rainwater. Here, most people also cast house, down the roller tube to store rainwater to use year round. On the dry season, water reserves will be used for cooking, drinking until after the rainy season. This is also the reason for the formation and development of traditional craft villages "lu Hoa Loi Village". This profession is hereditary profession. Over many generations, the jars Hoa Loi village artisans have created tools for the job as serving sizes lu (C-shaped, with two fixed points, the turn around will make the balance lu), size of the mouth, skin smoothing fly lu ... so that's the village of Loi Hoa lu "like a hundred." This product is also sold locally, some provinces and exported to Cambodia.
An broom American Craft Village - Thanh Phu

From roller casting village if the village went to the broom over 15km. On QL57, if lu Hoa Loi casting village turn right, then An American tourist villages will turn left go about 10km. Occupation broom scattered hamlets and most concentrated in An Hoa hamlet, this is the first starting point of the village. At first, only a few households with small forms to meet consumer demand in the area has long been marketed outside the province. This profession can say is this long popular in rural areas, especially in the originating more like Ben Tre coconut. It was already known from the use of coconut leaf stalks, areca leaf, or stem of the coconut water to make the product more diverse with different categories. Here, the house is full of brooms, brushes and bundles, brooms are close, dial tone heard gut into overdrive buzzer, squeaks and squeals impressive, and the sound of a car engine in carrying out materials, broom making village more and more crowded. The residents said the gentle craft, play and eat the damage done. Each product is imbued with a celebration of humanity, with so many bright hope of the gentle people, in a country rustic coconut water does not trust lost jobs and products as a place of consumption.
Weaving village outdated - Phuoc Tuy

Trinidad weaving traditions that existed Phu ceremony no less than a hundred years. This is a village in Ben Tre appeared quite long. Both craft villages with more than ten thousand kinds of products, designs, sizes varied as multiples, bung, basket, trivet, basket, ignoring, class, own trap fish, ... material mainly bamboo, range pipe. At first professional job lead is only served in the normal activities of the people, but after the demand for decorative products made more diverse.

Currently, Trinidad weaving evenly distributed across the province, but the highest concentrations are in Phuoc Tuy. Also scattered in focus, such as Phu Le Commune, Binh Tay and An Duc Ba Tri district. In the lead craft, the spokes is an important step contributing to the success of the product. For the terminally bars are nice, after segment bamboo accordance with specifications, using clean knives eyes, then split, just continue to terminally cleaved to specifications. Cleaved or split spokes start from root to tip, the spokes can use knife sharpeners marks are difficult to separate, not faulty. After the spokes, marking knife sharpeners use glossy (called folk or wipe the ball). The next stage is to create the rim for the types of products that use the rim as a basket, basket, rim tires ... Create done will take knitting. Depending on the type of product that uses a different knitting knitting fad dragon, dragon two for the burden basket, basket of contact, screening, Sia; three dragon for knitting basket; Long four, five used for multiple products ... There's also stages outdated, unfair rims, cracked rims.
Handicraft making village Phu Le - Ba Tri

Village Craft Village in Phu Thanh Phu Le, Phu Loi, Phu Phu Khuong Le - Ba Tri. Craft villages mainly in manufacturing rattan and rice wine. On the rattan products from the preparation to finished products like village of Phuoc Tuy. But the highlights in Phu Le and sound both inside and outside the province's Phu Le liquor production. This is one of the local craft longstanding. The concentration levels combined with the pleasant smell when drinking, and most especially the traditional way of making wine. From the selection process to the aging lines are focused. Today, the village in Phu Le has been associated with the name Phu Le alcohol.

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