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Coastal tourist city of Ben Tre consists of 3 commune commune: My Thanh An, Thanh Nhon and Phu Nhuan. Having an interlaced system of rivers, waterways and charming, innocent people and oversee the post. Perhaps so, in recent years the area south of the city of Ben Tre has formed many ecotourism tours and gardens along the Ben Tre city was the tour company put into operation here, attracting more tourists at home and abroad to explore and experience.
Ecotourism coastal city of Ben Tre thrive since 2010 until now, but there are steps formed and developed relatively late compared to other districts has great potential for tourism development, such as: Chau Thanh, Cho Lach, but coastal tourist city of Ben Tre has been a rapid growth, both in terms of efficiency and quality of service. Ben Tre city currently has 8 active tourism base, 45 accommodation facilities, a traditional mat weaving village, a production base of chopsticks and many attractions processing enriched coconut and steamed tour guide for the day.

Ben Tre city to the charming, shy of a young and dynamic city as attractive to tourists. After visiting these places, landscapes or buildings in the city center as Truc Giang Lake, Provincial Museum, Phu Tu relic with nightshade family over 300 years old tomorrow, visitors can participate ... Join a sightseeing tour along the city's tourist area with many interesting discoveries. Departing from the pier Hung Kings, guests will cruise down the river to Ben Tre to explore the coastal tourist city of Ben Tre commune. On the cruise, tourists will be looking at the bridge in Ben Tre has a beautiful architecture, the river crossing linking Ben Tre Ben Tre city center with coastal cities such communes: My Thanh An, Thanh Nhon, Phu Nhuan, linking the provincial highway 887 away Giong Trom district, Ba Tri. Visitors watch Ben Tre River charming affability, and Vietnam Australia Hotel 3 star standard as embellished splendor of the city in coconut waters. Along the river are stripped coconut base, and processed fruit products from coconut such as coconut, coconut jelly, .... In the distance, you'll see many images of ships carrying palm full of prose the river as a charming picture of a peaceful rural water and dreaming.

Down the river, visitors will encounter the everyday activities of people such waters: Active nets, shrimp, set patter ... first stop, visitors had to visit a brick kiln in Phu Hung , Ben Tre city to pay Tu Lo family, to learn the process of producing the building blocks according to the traditional manual method, the kiln owners tour guide to visit around the brick fireplace, and listen to directions local tourism leader introduces unique features of the traditional craft of brick making. Sights brick kilns are international travelers are more interesting because they are traditional crafts of local residents. Charles Gaulle and her visitors from France Synoradzki impressive when seen firsthand brick by brick manufacturing kilns, brothers and sisters, said: "This is the first time we went to Ben Tre, program participants River tour this water, the boat took us floating on the river, was watching Ben Tre coconut peeling facilities, making copra river and also the first time see firsthand how this brick oven. Seeing people bustling brick production, we felt Ben Tre people diligently, hardworking and very friendly ... ". After the tour finished brick fireplace, visitors travel back to the ship and continue the journey, the boat glide smoothly and turns on a small tributary to the scene flanked by rows of green coconut water um, interwoven with customers poverty, a particular species of wetland, rows of tall coconut rushed straight, drunk leaning river fruit, fruit orchards such as orange, lemon, grapefruit as e hamlet nestled in the sunshine, radiate identity domain on hick.
The boat stopped a specialized facility coconut and copra shed nestled inside small river craft to learn copra production craft, visitors will see images of workers stripped coconut, coconut dam, picking copra fast cantering briskly as skilled workers, after researching the workers are all local people, their lives associated with this coconut peeling career ten years then, a happy worker he to know! Having witnessed new visitors understand that "It is not by sight hundred and listen." Each strip here average about 1,800 coconuts / day. Guests can also try the coconut peeling through the dedicated guidance of the workmen, it will be a memorable trip of the delegation. How to peel coconut base not far from a hick tourist decent, and always bustling, busy place on customers, but most visitors come from many different countries around the world, in front of guests this schedule a service kiosks, display introduces visitors many unique souvenir items, such as fancy: the handicraft products of coconut, coconut oil, coconut soap, coconut candy, ... with space cool, visitors enjoy tea scented honey, fruit orchards enjoying many delicious fruits such as grapefruit, plum, jackfruit, longan, pineapple, mango, ... and hear ca tai tu Nam Ministry, a type of folk art was quite unique named UNESCO cultural heritage intangible representation of humanity.
Continue your journey, you will reach the coconut candy production facility in Nhon Thanh commune, visit coconut candy making process traditional crafts, enjoy hot coco candies asked in the oven, slowly chewing coconut candy, du guests will feel the sweetness, purity of water and fat soluble coconut tongue, and can buy a little here about coconut candy as gifts for relatives and friends in this exciting trip . Village walk to visit famous mats in Ben Tre to learn about traditional weaving straw mats, people can try weaving mats through the enthusiastic guidance of artisans, to experience the village where tradition. It would be somewhat difficult for visitors by unfamiliar hands, but all will make visitors really impressed. Then the whole group will travel by car takes on an error rather strangely, takes visitors across the village street, with lush green coconut trees, the orchards, rice fields, gardens, the raised bed vegetable, sightseeing activities idyllic life of the people here. Stop in the restaurant ecological "Green Coconuts, The Lake, Hatch ten, ..." Enjoy the rustic country dishes with bold flavors such gardens: Shrimp roasted coconut, fried fish oscars terry, grapefruit salad, pepper goby fish grilled tactic, luscious sour fish, ... between a green space, will be a truly unforgettable imprint in the palm of each visitor.

An enjoyable experience in the journey of discovery that will take tourists on a canal boat rowing small nipa zigzag, winding, curving to either side of the green coconut water um, vigor reach between river water, mixed with rows of cypress tree known as "hydrotherapy" fragrant blooms, pull himself swinging in the wind as greeting visitors call. Back to the Ben Tre River, ending up big boat tour along the city tour with Ben Tre many exciting experiences. Parting Ben Tre city with memories of Ben Tre a friendly and hospitable. /.

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