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Besides the strong commodity exports: agricultural products, marine products, handicrafts, ... now, many products unique and special as car tires, construction materials also start exporting online.

The food agricultural products, handicrafts obtain high efficiency for export such as bamboo furniture company Bamboo Village, processed vegetables, canned Vegetexco, Visimex spices, seafood of Viet seafood ...

Dear Thao Nguyen, Director of Thanh Dat Co., Ltd, manufacturing enterprises and exports of cashew nuts that trade since joining the e-commerce site in 2009, the average monthly company recognition nearly 100 e-mail inquiries from new customers. In addition, the company also received several direct deals on Trade Manager (Tools transactions on e-commerce sites). Profits from this trade forms about 80% of export revenues Achievement.

Like Dat, 50% of total company revenue of handicraft exports to Asia Crafts Online. Initially, companies often find customers through trade fairs and exhibitions, the relationship as friends, acquaintances and traditional customers. Once registered as a member of the e-commerce site in 2003, the company now receives about 1,000 inquiries each month, 2-3 of which become the order form.

Along with the traditional export commodities, the number of companies and businesses domestic production of specific commodities such as construction materials, automobile tires, light bulbs fire ... involved with foreign trade Internet increases. Data statistics of e-commerce site Alibaba to end the 3rd quarter showed that this website has 14.9 million members of the international registration (up 42.4% compared to 2009) from 240 countries worldwide . Of these, 140,000 registered members from Vietnam. Total number of booths is 1.6 million (up 32.3% compared to 2009).

The benefits from such exports expanded channel customer contact, build corporate image, reduce business costs, increase profitability and operational efficiency, increase sales led many companies producing car tires motorcycles looking to trade this channel. Transport Corporation Trading & Services business Xuan Thieu initially in the field of transportation services. By 2008, the company expanded into the field of automobile tires, motorcycles. Due to lack of experience, the company exports difficulty in the first period. After some investigation, registration of businesses trading on e-commerce sites. This helps the company received a large number of inquiries and quality.

According businesses surveyed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2009, 50% of firms found involved exchanges of e-commerce with high efficiency, 10% of firms rated low efficiency. Also in 2009, 60% of firms evaluating electronic commerce to help expand customer contact channels; build corporate image, reduce business costs; increase profitability and operational efficiency; increase sales.

JSC Avas commercial production, corporate production and exports of mineral stone powder and exports rapidly approaching from the inception (2009). Profits through exports accounted for 40% of total export sales of the business.

Besides the positive side, trade through e-commerce has appeared a number of fraudulent practices such as impersonation agency for prestigious government; website use, import and export licenses in the host countries be modified in order to profit. So, experts now recommend joining to note export to import regulations such as import tariffs, import licenses, import documents, the restricted or prohibited goods and the importer standards, testing, labeling, certification and payment methods.

Mr. Tran Dinh Toan, Deputy General Director, JSC OSB Investment and Technology-Representatives of Alibaba share in Vietnam for export enterprises should take measures to minimize risks. With unique characteristics, multiple trading parties do not know each other, the forward contract is rapid. Therefore, businesses need proven alternatives partners. In addition, the application should export staff can deploy highly qualified, sensitive and partner markets. Business processes of enterprises needs to be improved to match the export channel is increasingly desirable.

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