Free rustic beauty of bamboo fence


Instead of the rigid barrier wall concrete, brick, stone ..., garden courtyards are separated by a bamboo fence around the definition brings simple, elegant and quiet country house between Vietnam .

The barrier was closed by bamboo not only bring certainty and safety for homes but also more space and tranquility charming material belonging to each village in Vietnam.


Depending on the designs and styles of homes to choose an appropriate type of fence. With many of the homes, homeowners will typically choose a bamboo fence with an average height of 1 meter or more. However, with the home garden, the resort, the homeowners often choose a low fence about 0.7 meters or less. To ensure durability and tightly connected together from pieces of bamboo independent, homeowners can choose the types of wires for connecting or bamboo can also play the bamboo seamless firmly on the ground.

Soft colors, simplicity of bamboo create closeness, people familiar with each step to the streets, the house features Vietnam Net.


Bamboo material is a "readily available" in nature and is used quite a lot in construction in Vietnam and other Asian countries. When using bamboo fencing bamboo should choose highly flexible, pliable, longitudinal cracking. When choosing bamboo fencing should also create smooth air body length by punching through the bulkhead at the top of the eyes. To maintain the durability of bamboo as fence, you can choose the same color with the natural color of bamboo and paint a thin layer around the bamboo fencing. Bamboo should avoid direct exposure to moist soils prone to rot, poor durability ...

These elegant bamboo walls, lightweight composite from bamboo bring friendly space in every little corner of the house.

To increase the soft focus style fence along, you can plant more flowers or ornamentals climb under the fence. Your house will become even more dramatic, fresh and more beautiful thanks to the harmonious combination between the trees, flowers and free of sharp wooden bamboo fence.

Simple, rustic bamboo poles to create a seamless bit rustic, old bit of space characterized Vietnam.

Vietnamese countryside soul in the shadow flickers bamboo fence definition suggests peaceful, frugal, leisurely peaceful for each tile roof in blue sky between.

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