Giong Trom "Steel City Council Land" - Ideal Destination For Resources


If visitors came to Ben Tre coconut explore the eco-tourism destination - water - attractive garden in Chau Thanh, Cho Lach or coastal city of Ben Tre, the Giong Trom is also the land of many destination, the destination, the source point is interesting for tourists to experience the culture - history.
Giong Trom lies between Bao islets, has common boundary with the river Ba Binh Dai Lai, Ham Luong River - Mo Cay Nam and Ba Tri bordering city of Ben Tre, Chau Thanh. Places Giong Trom is made on the characteristics of soil plus plant name - a seed that grows Trom tree - like structure places the young voice, like Jackfruit, coconuts. Thus, Giong Trom name appeared on Ben Tre coconut land have long. Land Giong Trom is composed of two alluvial rivers large and Ham Luong Ba Lai, was watering by an interlacing network of rivers, so that Giong Trom strengths of a multi-farm economy form. There Giong Trom each period is called Ke Qin army, to remember the name of a leader of the Third European regional revolt. Therefore, this can be considered a precursor District Approves Plan of Giong Trom later.
Giong Trom is a land with many historical monuments in two war period, is the birthplace of many famous generals such as General Dong Van Cong, Female Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh, General Le Van Dung, General Vo Writing Thanh, General Nguyen Huu Vi, Tran Minh Integration Minister, Minister Tran Van Fuel, General Vo Khac Clear, Gen. Nguyen Van Ngai, Minister Nguyen Hoang, Minister Ho Quoc Vietnam .... In particular, this area is also a place to keep the spirit of assets related to the poet Phan Van Tri and where fed, sheltered tried comrades of the Communist Party General Secretary Le Duan Vietnam during revolutionary activity (11/1955 - 3/1956).

Please make a journey to the land of coconuts, visitors to explore Giong Trom "Land of copper and steel" with very interesting things. From the city of Ben Tre province along U.S. Highway 885 to Thanh commune (U.S. landmarks cage) about 6.5 km, the first stop is to visit "Tomb Relic Temple and Consular Affairs Nguyen Ngoc Thang" by the Ministry of Culture - Information recognized the National Monuments on 07/5/1997. He was the village of My Thanh, Tan An, this is My Thanh commune, Giong Trom district. In 1848, he served in the Army infantry Consular reign of Thieu Tri. In 1859 French troops invaded into the family, he led troops to the rescue, but before he arrived, the city was down, he was ordered to hold the defensive line played Ky Hoa, stationed at Plum Tree. Due to the differentials forces, after a hold time, he withdrew in Go Cong, jointly fighting the insurgents Truong Dinh. On 06.27.1866, he was hit, mortally wounded in a fierce battle to fight with France. After his death his body was taken to the funeral home. He formerly Temple communal house, worshiping four sides. In 1984, local people bring all of his position in the church as a family deity had great success for many in the country against foreign aggression. Since then become family "Temple of Nguyen Ngoc Lanh Binh Thang" is located in the Village Market, My Thanh commune. On his death anniversary every year is the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar in May.

After visiting "Relic Temple and Tomb of Consular Affairs Nguyen Ngoc Thang," visitors to "Monuments of the evidence of the massacre of 286 innocent people conducted by French colonists in 1947" for peace in the village, commune Feng year, Giong Trom way Lanh Binh Thang temple and 2.5 km from the city of Ben Tre 09km by road. Here, at 05 am on 10.01.1947 (date of December 19 Lunar New Year), two platoons legionnaire named by Lieutenant Commander Leroy Leon handlebars along the river channel from the An Hoa Chet Reed landed on the village and hamlet Second globalization sweeps for Vietnamese Ming suspected stationed. Not find any evidence of a Vietnamese Minh, we turned to fire indiscriminately on innocent people, killing 286 people, consisting mostly of women, children and the elderly. They burned more than 100 homes. Many corpses burnt. Married to 17 people were killed, there were families who no longer kill. This is the scale massacres and most savage in Ben Tre during the resistance war against the French (1945-1954). Monuments have been the Ministry of Culture - Information recognized the National Monuments on 01/19/2001.

Also located on the 885 provinces of Ben Tre City and 8.5 km, visitors to the "Memorial Nguyen Thi Dinh" in Luong Hoa Commune. Vestige is starting construction in late 2000, put into service in late 2003. With an area of around 15,000 m2, the port is built in the form of the three-port home village in rural Vietnam. In the memorial park has built Temple Female Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh four pillars style, two-story roof husband circular column bent at 04 angle valances, roof edging the first column, decorative gable motifs, has 03 doors surrounded by wide corridors. In addition, there are galleries artifacts, photographs and documents to illustrate the life and career of revolutionary activities resilience, continuity of Women Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh was sticking with the struggling multitude way the resounding of our nation. Every year, on 28/7 lunar anniversary of Women Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh.
Located in the cultural system Monuments - History "architectural relic Hoa Binh family" and the Ministry of Culture - Information recognized the National Monuments on 01/07/1993. This relic from the city of Ben Tre is 16km and also on the provincial road 885, visitors can come here by road or waterway. Binh Dinh Hoa was ranked in the list of 20 large and beautiful house of Ben Tre province, is the oldest house in isle Protection. These documents preserved temples survive to this nearly 200 years. Family Self ordained in Germany 6th (1852). The family size is relatively large architectural retained to this day, not a primitive form of it, which was rebuilt in 1903. Currently more than 100 sculptures out of wood Sophisticated, sharp the stars, including the horizontal radiation, squadrons, including blue, reliefs, incense, offerings of ... are kept. Every year on the full moon in January (AL) royal ceremony on the first and fifteenth of December (AL) for the second time. Architectural interior decoration as well as other art works outside of the home, is still a factor combines with royal art religious art and folk goods at certain levels. That is the topic once, long, rules, serve, birds, mini-crab, architecture-deprived, grape-care, etc. ... you-Dinh Hoa Binh is also evidence of remembering the crimes of the army's UMDC Leroy Léon (the French resistance) and especially us "Ngo Quyen police" in the campaign "plus factors", "anti-communist" bloody under Ngo Dinh Diem.
Giong Trom land there "Monuments house Nguyen Van Trac" in Hung Le. This is where the Party Secretary Le Duan in the South and working from 11 / 1955-3 / 1956 to steer the revolution Southern and review the situation, the draft outline South Revolution. Including the 3 time, two bottles of wood, surrounded by coconut trees, a convenient outlet to see events. Comrade Le Duan daily work, eat right in the chamber, there Statistics double bed, the other is a standing cabinet, interior layout information to a secret tunnel dug under the ground. The guard watched strangers, enemies are outside by his wife, Nguyen Van Trac charge, to mark a relic of the revolutionary struggle full of difficulties and hardships. Ministry of Culture - Information has recognized the National Monuments on 07/5/1997.
Giong Trom tourists to visit the "Temple of Lieutenant General Dong Van Cong" is located in Tan Hao. If you take the 885 Provincial Highway 25km from the city of Ben Tre, according to the provincial highway 887 less than 07km. Lieutenant General Dong Van Cong generals Lowland Sea, is a son of the elite Dong Khoi homeland, he is considered the elder brother of the armed forces in Ben Tre Province. He is also the leader of the guerrilla against the French Hao Tan with resounding victories on the battlefield, Ben Tre, Cong, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long. Time anti-American, he is the Commander of Military Zone 9, District 8 Commander, Deputy Commander of the Southern Liberation Army, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Government of the Republic of South Vietnam.
"Temple poet Phan Van Tri" also located on Giong Trom land in Thanh Phu Dong commune. Phan Van Tri of collection 10/17 at BA examination in the beginning of the 3rd Tu Duc (1849), that he who turns 19 years old. With the resources that school, the voter can do with, but because the landscape bored, upset because every time the confusion, he lived frugally on teaching in the village of Binh way (now Ho Chi Minh City., Tan An, Long An province). After the refugee site in Phong Dien and Vinh Long - Can Tho, just teaching, drug loading, just as poetry .... Germany and the talents of Phan Van Tri has made many people admire. He died on 16/5 year Canh Tuat (to 06/22/1910) at Nhon Ai (now part of Phong Dien, Dist. Tho) at the age of 80 years old. At Thanh Phu Dong commune, home where he was born, in 1998, he built the temple.
Can Giong Trom said land is not only rich in cultural heritage - the history, but also appealing to the natural ecological environment water, gardens, most notably exploring ecotourism community snails at Hung Phong, Ben Tre city just 12 km. Tourists come here both road and waterways are favorable. Snails are the largest floating alcohol on the Ham Luong River, covering an area of 647ha nature. Initially, it was just a small, low, many snails clinging to submerged plants on alluvial ground, hence the snail's name. This region, there are many endemic species of fruit trees such as coconut buttons, green grapefruit ..., with good quality than other regions. Coconuts grow on sandy soil knob silt screws sweetness and more water flowing. Green grapefruit citrus pink here, not grain, not the, sweetness tinged with sweet sour mouth, ripe fruit retains full green. In particular, a precious varieties of snails are considered a rare soft stuff is the "coconut", this is sometimes taste like coconut pineapple leaves from coconut water to drink. Coconut tree land picky, only suitable for brackish water, fresh fruit will taste sour, salty water makes little was left. Currently, land snails survived many coconut trees have coconuts all 20 occupants. In addition to the coconut, snails also have a variety of fruit trees such as: Orange, tangerine, lemon, longan, sapodilla .... Screws to tourists interested in participating in the production process to explore experiences in "baskets give the village" and the satellite line handicrafts made from coconut tree.
Traditional villages in Giong Trom also well known as "My Long girdle cake" My Thanh commune, "Doc souffle Son" in Hung Concessions; Handicraft villages in Phuoc Long (production of handicrafts, coir and just put the basket ...). Let Luong Quoi in Lemon, located on the provincial highway 885, 12 km from Ben Tre city, this is the wholesale market purchases lemon unique in the Mekong River Delta.

The trip on the land resources of the coconut isle, especially visitors to explore the cultural experience - history, ecotourism River - hick Giong Trom on land "Land of copper and steel", hoping tourists will really feel satisfied with the trip interesting meaningful, rewarding and relaxing.

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