Good signal for the export of handicrafts


According to Le Ba Ngoc, general secretary of the Association Exports Vietnam handicraft (Vietcraft), recently, the orders from China, Japan move strongly in Vietnam provides a good opportunity for handicraft industry reached $ 1.6 billion target exports in 2014.
According Vietcraft, 6 months of the year, the export situation of enterprises handicrafts industry quite satisfactory when achieved turnover of nearly $ 900 million, an increase of 10% over the same period.
Market, the United States, EU, Japan is still the traditional market, accounting for a large share of total exports of the sector. Besides, the firms in the industry are focused on exploiting new markets in the BRICS block include: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
He said Le Ba Ngoc, mass market powerful BRICS emerging in recent years by the economic development of this sector is very fast and will be a potential market of handicraft industry. Furthermore, exploiting mass market BRICS, handicraft industry Vietnam is very convenient geographically, only Brazil, South Africa is by far, the rest in other countries are very close and convenient for market research schools, freight. BRICS bloc, each year Vietnam exported $ 100 million worth of furniture products to the Chinese market, shoe exports to Russia ....
According to Mr Ngoc, a very positive signal handicraft industry to help Vietnam could finish $ 1.6 billion export turnover in 2014 is line orders from Japan, China is moving strongly Vietnam.
Ngoc explained, the orders from China to Vietnam is shifted due to the impact of the minimum wage policy should increase production costs in China on a high. Labour for handicrafts goods fell by a large segment of employees transferred to industrial production caused the delivery time extended to 60 days (Vietnam now only takes about 30 days). Furthermore, the requirement for minimum order quantities of Chinese manufacturers is very high (at least 1 container) was difficult for importers, especially the imports came from Australia, Japan .... And the Japanese importers turn to Vietnam orders mainly due to political issues.
In fact, the transfer orders to Vietnam not only by the impact of cost, time or order amount requirements that importers are confident in the quality of handicraft products in Vietnam. As in recent years, enterprises have choices in the segment of medium and high grade made strategic investments, competition, which has made a big change in product quality as well as the location on the map export handicraft world.
To continue to promote this advantage, increase exports, he recommends Le Ba Ngoc, the small-scale enterprises to invest in cheap goods segment very fragile contract, loss of business meeting . Therefore, should focus on mid-market fit production capacity, raw materials, skilled workers. At the same time, expand channels of communication, transmission of ability, value and competitiveness of handicraft products in Vietnam.
"To expand exports to BRICS block, in August this year, will be jointly organized Vietcraft 1 Group companies in the industry to learn, trade promotion in the Brazilian market," said Ngoc said.
According to Hoang Xuan Thuy, director of the Center for promotion and development consulting industry Hanoi: When proceeding to medium and high-end segments, businesses should register with the protection of creative product design, to avoid replication status to protect the economic interests of businesses close to the slopes.

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