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In 2012, Ho Chi Minh City for 3 consecutive years implementing programs to stabilize the market for the start of the season. Along with increased resources, ensure market supply and demand with rates lower than 15%, ...
In 2012, Ho Chi Minh City for 3 consecutive years implementing programs to stabilize the market for the start of the season. Along with increased resources, ensure market supply and demand with rates lower than 15%, the program has aided many businesses (enterprises) development, shaping Vietnamese brands on the market, pushing back row imported.

Sales growth, increasing sales

According to the HCM City Department of Industry and Commerce, after 6 months of deployment stabilization for 3 groups of goods, quantity of goods programs meet 21% - 48% of the consumption needs of students, student city, with the number rising 5 , 4% - 48.9% compared with FY2011 Specifically, training students to reach 17.5 million copies (up 21.5%); 590,000 sets of school uniforms (up 5.4%); briefcases, backpacks, handbags 670,000 female (48.9% increase).

August is the peak month last summer teaching catering, cargo supply all 3 groups had high results, increased from 1.6 to 3.6 times higher than the average of the remaining months of the program. Accordingly, sales of enterprises (companies) in August rose quite high, reaching 107.3 billion. Estimated revenue for 6 months to reach 370.9 billion, up 162.2 billion (up 78% respectively) than the program in 2011.

Notably, the price of commodities does not increase compared to 2011 and lower than the guaranteed market price of 15% was dominant, pervasive to create products outside the program.
In the implementation process of actively producing firms, plans to create a source of development of the sale and supply of goods, execution program regulations.

In particular, the peak time start last season, the DN has shown professionalism in coordinating and providing ample cargo volume, exceeding the plan, ensure supply and demand, leading and stable market prices schools, not letting the lack of goods, price escalation. The enterprise has deployed 512 sales, up 139 points from the beginning of the program, including 133 supermarkets, commercial centers, bookstores; 53 convenience stores and 326 outlets in residential areas.
Mr. Tran Ba Dung, deputy director in charge of business bags Perfume Co. Mi (brand products Hami), said, compared with the previous year, this year has seen Mi Perfume boom. In terms of the sale, the company has developed 50 types of backpacks distributed backpacks; yield also increased by 100%, from 200,000 to participate product stabilization program in 2011, this year has risen to 400,000 products. The program launched in April, but even in March, the company registered sales price and try to keep the prices stabilize until the end of the program.

In the process, the company has faced difficulties due to rising raw material prices, rising transportation costs, but the company persevered goal to build low profit sell large quantities ...

On the other hand, due to stabilizing prices much lower than the market price (just stop at 160000-220000 dong / briefcase students) should be very good consumption. This is also the basis for items Hami and the participating enterprises to gradually dominate the market, repelling foreign goods. He also said the start of the upcoming season, Huong Mi will coordinate with other departments to take goods to take the case to best serve the needs of parents and students.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the start of the season this year, except for items pens are pretty much foreign goods, but for three commodity groups stabilize as uniforms, couples - backpacks - bags, notebooks, then domestic customers have enjoyed a 90%
market share.

It is necessary to stabilize the list of

Vice Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hong recognition, stabilization programs serving items for the school opening season has entered the 3rd year so businesses have a lot of experience, implementing formal, professional, time prepared to supply sufficient goods, variety, quality assurance, reasonable price, through a network of distributors to develop deep, broad dominates the market, repelled foreign goods. The program was associated with the campaign "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" of the Politburo, step by step directions, encouraging consumers to educate students in the habit, priority use Vietnamese goods.

To prepare for the academic year 2013 - 2014, MPC Affairs Department of Trade and Industry in close collaboration with the Department of Education, People's Committees of districts, industrial park management boards - EPZ planning to take the goods of chapter serve the people in the schools, markets, IZ; The companies plan to continue to build distribution network development, with priority given to the coastal districts, suburban districts.

Department of Trade and Industry to coordinate Department of Information - Communication strengthen information dissemination, throughout to orient and information for people to know and procurement program. Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Education to coordinate departments - industry research, taking additional rain for TP items involved in school programs, such as drinking water, pens, glasses ...

Department of Trade and Industry research continues to advise the recipient and commodity distribution program distribution system of foreign-invested enterprises. At a supermarket, to arrange display of commodities stabilize in a convenient location for easy visual people, the most visible. There should be better coordination between departments, functions to strengthen the inspection and control of the market, in time to prevent the production of space behavior, counterfeit and substandard marketed as DN true damage and affect the health of pupils and students.

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