Goods exported handicraft production in moderation


The difficulty than the crisis period in 2008-2009", which is acknowledged by enterprises and cooperatives (cooperatives) exporting handicrafts to mention the production, trading this item in 2011.

Multiple sourcing partners but many units exporting handicrafts do not dare to take orders with concern for losses due to increased input costs, unstable.
Loss of income
Last 7/2011, cooperative production in Venetian architecture Dawn (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City), about 40 members have always worked hand, who painted decorative Venetian architecture, the packaging .. . languages even have children giggling.
However, Nguyen Van Nguyen, chairman of the cooperative, smiled sadly explained: "At this time orders just enough members to do, and more than half the labor satellite (approximately 500 employees) of the cooperatives in the Cu Chi district, Hoc Mon (HCMC), Tay Ninh to leave. Last year, more orders, each members can income of 3-4 million / month, but up to this point is very high and only 2.5 million / month. The kids are the children of members under their parents go to work because not enough money to send the child home. "Currently, the cooperative exported only 1 container / month instead of 3-4 containers as of 2011.
Similarly, in wooden clogs factory Hung Thai exports across 2.000m2 of wooden clogs village of Binh Nham production (Binh Duong), only about 50 workers. In contrast to the end of 2010, when it had 200 employees working to full capacity delivery for partners in Europe, Japan ...
"This time we had enough orders to the end of the year, even in Q1 next year but has yet to receive a response from the partner definitely. Clogs sample batch to be sent to more than 30 partners as required, but only about 10 volume response units "- Mr. Thai Van Anh Hung, director of Hung Thai wooden clogs, anxiety.
Making a push which is celebrating!

Mr. Dang Quoc Hung, deputy chairman of the Handicraft and Wood Processing HCMC, admitted the paradox of industry are visitors looking for pretty much the contract is a contract but very little. According to Hung, the biggest reason is that the input costs rise too high (about 20-30%), while customers pay only 5-10% price increase.
Enterprises, handicraft cooperatives that this time the unit could only sign the contract small, short-term to ensure sufficient production capital and avoid risk. However, despite careful calculations, which pushes the target is not reached, even holes.
Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen said although partners from Australia, America, Europe, ordering a lot but did not dare to sign the cooperative because of the price fluctuations of raw materials each day. From the beginning of the year, we just signed the small orders (production, delivery within a month) but mostly capital tie.
He said a Venetian architecture calculate export growth is 40,000 / unit, the crude price rise buildings blinds at 35,000 / unit. Meanwhile, not to mention the other costs such as the price of paints, electrical, labor, ... increased factory hiring.
According to the survey, out of materials such as rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth ... increased about 30%. Early in clouds of only about 40,000 VND / kg, hyacinth 7,500 VND / kg but now corresponding increase to 60,000 VND / kg and 10,500 VND / kg. Raw material price fluctuations do not follow any rules that the units produced entirely passive.

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