Goods for export handicraft industry is still bringing greater value added


The strategy strives to 2010, exports of handicrafts products to reach $ 1.5 billion is likely to be implemented. However, to achieve this target, especially in the context of the current difficulties, the next time there should be a link between the management body for harmonizing and optimizing resources for development this sector.

Handicraft products are commodities with a long tradition of Vietnam, which exports relatively early compared to other commodities, has contributed to the exports of the country and also have a role important in addressing some of the economic problems in rural society. The handicraft items have relatively high growth rates in recent years, an average of about 20% / year, with exports of $ 300 million in 2004 and reached more than $ 750 million in 2007, 2008 although much less affected by the global economic downturn but also exports reached nearly $ 1 billion. Last time, the export market handicrafts in our country is increasingly expanding, nogai major countries like USA, Russia, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan Loan..Hien defense Vietnam handicraft available in 163 countries and territories around the world, it is also found potentially huge export growth.

Export turnover Crafts in recent years is small but has an important role in the restructuring of the rural economy, the industry attracted many workers to participate as exports, contributing to delete poverty in rural areas. Alien, the export of this item brings great added value can be considered as key sectors for export development focus in the coming year. Although the CRAFTS industry has not exports ovui much higher than exports, but bring handicrafts source of foreign currency for the country has a very high proportion of their exports. Compared with some other items such as garments, wood and leather shoes from all imported raw materials from foreign value added of this sector mainly phs processing costs and equipment depreciation, so the real value of foreign exchange brought back to the country, accounting for only 5-20% of the total value of imports. But for raw materials, are collected from secondary scrap and forestry and agricultural data, not only from the real effective exchange values obtained are very high, there are handicraft items almost 100% export value, remaining well over 80% of exports, while exports of handicrafts have recovered a social division of agricultural waste and post-harvest processing, has turned become scrap exports contributing positively to environmental protection and economic development of the country.

For every $ 1 million in exports of handicrafts industry is 5-10 times higher rate than the mining industry; job creation 3 to 5 thousand workers, handicraft groups were classified products have great export potential and high profit margins. Also, here are items listed 10 items with the highest growth rate, because so far every handicraft Vietnam had been over 100 countries and territories.

The actual value obtained from the export of handicrafts is also very high. According to calculations, handicraft goods produced primarily by material resources available in the country, estimated import raw materials accounted for only 3-3.5% of the export value. Besides, workforce, skills and ability to acquire new technology pretty quickly, salaries Vietnam's low labor compared with other countries in the region which is also an advantage for the development of production crafts and fine art in a diverse and enhanced competitiveness.

The prediction of the market demand for the commodities world handicrafts will continue to rise. Time for export target of $ 1.5 billion in 2010, not much, but this goal can be achieved entirely with the solution developed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for export now.

In the long run, if appropriate policy incentives, will help businesses handicraft industry have developed conditions for investment, enhance productivity, create their own models san rpham with sleek , consistent quality, helpful with reasonable prices likely taken on large orders, expanding export markets.

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