Handicraft goods back to taste


Enhanced marketing and advertising right audience, the right focus, many companies producing handicrafts reaped many fruits.
Entering 2014, the handicrafts industry Vietnam saw the "wing swallow", signaling a "spring" after a few years of bleak export. Causes help restore market is the world's demand rebounded after declining for a long time by the effects of the global economic downturn. The main markets such as United States, Japan, China and the EU to overcome the crisis.
Do not stay up
The first day of the month 4/2014, Le Phuc Thinh, Director of Saigon Palm Co., Ltd., now has more than ten years of professional production of handicraft items, busy with work. His voice was full of exuberant phone urgently, left completely to the end of 2012, when the firms in the industry is hard to hard law. He recalled the time Thinh, sometimes seemingly now being dissolved, but think how many workers had been with the company, he tries to hold out. There are orders, customers only put one of his products have received. In early 2014, despite only getting 1 order from Egypt for $ 10,000 (about 200 million), but with Saigon Palm, which is a good start to a year that promises more hope . Because in the Egyptian market, the door on the other market will be more open.
Similarly, in the First Three cooperatives, specialized units producing handicraft items such as baskets, vases, shelves notice ... this business representatives said the festival this year are now receiving orders stable products with customers from European traditions - the United States. In particular, the United States alone, over the first 2 months of 2014, now exported around 1.3 million products. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tan, Director of Xinjiang Furniture Light said ordinary people in order to more in April and 5, but since January this year the number of orders has increased by about 10 15% over the same period. "Last year we had the first overtime already," said Tan excited.
According to the most recent data from the General Administration of Customs, May 2/2014 alone, Vietnam exported over $ 14 million of rattan, bamboo, seagrass rugs, bringing the total export turnover in the first 2 months this year to 39 million, up 7.5% compared to the same period last year. In addition, exports of wood and wood products increased sharply. In the month 2/2014, exports of timber and timber products reached nearly $ 380 million, bringing the total export turnover in the first two months of the year to $ 920 million, an increase of 25.2% compared to the same period in 2013, Mr. Deng Quoc Hung, deputy chairman of the handicraft and wood Industry Association HCMC (Hawa), also said early 2014, the timber industry and handicrafts have received many positive signal from the export market with the number of orders increased. Which exports of timber and timber products from multiple signal better, more orders.
Mr. Le Hong Thang, General Director of JSC Duc Thanh Wood Processing said company after Tet was very busy with lots of new export orders with the number of orders increased by 15% compared to the same period in before. Major export markets of the company are Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, France, UK, USA. Normally the festival season at the order, but this year, after the Tet new company has more orders for the world economy has recently recovered signal. On the other hand, Germany The German Fair has come and has signed a number of orders worth about $ 500,000 (about 10 billion). "Besides the old customers, the good thing is there are a number of contract customers for the first time to our company. This is also a good sign of confidence helps us to plan to increase export sales by 5% compared with 2013, but the company has launched since early 2014, "said Thang.
Expenses in the right place, on time delivery
At difficult business, most businesses are cutting costs to promote, but should know the right place to invest, the right audience. This is the experience that the exporters of handicrafts drawn from reality. "Customers come primarily from our overseas should have a stronger Palm Saigon in spending on advertising, marketing on the international website such as Google, Alibaba ... at a cost of more expensive, but better decent money but even more effective is that investors receive nothing less, "said Thinh, Director of Saigon Palm said. Thanks to boldly invest in marketing, his unit was Thinh signed orders with foreign partners. He also regularly receive requests for places to visit and production exhibits from many international clients. You may recall that this is the positive feedback from the market.
As for the Duc Thanh Wood, secret search orders and retain old customers "have to share with customers in difficult times such price increase does not meet the shortest delivery time to customers ". For the First Southern Furniture Company, after rotating hard time under storm, Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Truc, deputy general director of the company, said common signal for 2014 will be better in 2013, "the Order more more, higher value, export revenue is expected to approximate 20% increase over the previous year, "she said Truc.
But market handicraft items have been many positive signals, but Mrs. Truc, in 2014 and now there are still major challenges such as raw material prices, freight rates, increasing labor costs continue ... so, good signal, but not subjective, still have to do our best, to maintain quality, rapid response to customer requirements ... can go a long, long gone.

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