handicrafts exports nearly 10 million usd hyacinth


Eight months in 2011, Long An has exported handicrafts made of water hyacinth raw material worth nearly $ 10 million.
Hyacinths in the Dong Thap Muoi District's Tan Hung, Vinh Hung, Moc Hoa, Tan Thanh and Thanh Hoa were plentiful. In flood, there is a lot under flood water hyacinth floated upstream, disrupting traffic movement.
In the past, people have often held the removal or spraying water hyacinth. About 3-4 years ago, the Department of Trade Long An has encouraged farmers to exploit hyacinths in place to produce handicrafts for export.
Department in collaboration with the industry to open vocational training for people hyacinth weaving, promotion and find export markets handicrafts from water hyacinth.
Thousands of households in the districts of Vinh Hung, Moc Hoa, Tan Hung, Thanh Hoa, Tan Thanh and then began to exploit water hyacinth as raw materials to produce goods for export handicraft.
At Vinh Hung district, the daily household use rowing boat on the river water hyacinth stalks cut from 0.5 meters long or more take home dried to provide the raw material for cargo handling agent handicraft exports in the district.
Dried water hyacinth sold for 10,000-12,000 VND / kg. Can the average daily income from 200000-250000 dong.
Also in Moc Hoa district, nearly 800 households in Binh Thanh Phong, Binh Hiep, Binh Tan, Tan Lap took advantage of free time after the season ends to exploit hyacinth on the Vam Co Tay rivers bring exposure dry, woven handbags, woven mats, baskets beauty products for export.
Aquatic plants seemed just rubbish that has created jobs for rural farmers in Long An, help people increase their income, contribute to poverty alleviation in the province. / .

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