Hau Giang: Development of water hyacinth handicrafts


After 10 years of separation provinces of Hau Giang has developed 21 cooperatives and beaded knitting, which is the basis of most of handicraft production, using materials from water hyacinth.
Through the organization of more than 100 training classes, this province has jobs for thousands of workers idle in rural areas. Income of workers in the last 2 years has increased, reaching 2-3 million / month. Handicraft production has contributed greatly to the eradication of poverty for thousands of landless families in rural production.
Basket weaving water hyacinth first appeared in a rural commune win, Vi Thuy District, Hau Giang Province. Initially only a few women employed far has developed into cooperatives, with about 200 employees. One of the first art handicraft from water hyacinth and stand out boldly established cooperative Tu, which is Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Thu - the head of the young innovative products to form whereby women do. Do not just worry about the management, calculation of the production, business, Thu sisters also work directly with many products. She crafts the art here is very secure, because the material is dried water hyacinth, cooperative and comprehensive supply their products are also sold under the unit agreement, which benefits both parties. It is also easy to craft, without capital, gentle, spare time is right to do.
Hyacinth weaving baskets initial low income, not by skilled and proficient in local resource not many. Moreover, due to lack of capital to purchase raw material reserves and output are also consumed fresh, so the sale price is not high. In recent years, cooperatives gradually overcome difficulties and strive for self-reliance, improve business efficiency, effective for groups and family workers in rural areas.
Ms. Mai Thi Kim Loan, The Thang commune, Vi Thuy, Hau Giang said Job Search hyacinth easy, easy. First few years, the income only a few hundred thousand / month. Now do many, monthly income of 2.5 million to 3 million / month, which they do not have to worry ... social capital win thanks to the cooperative, there are villages, this family lives comfortably.
According to Le Thi Ngoc Thu Tu Cooperative Chairman, will continue towards the open more vocational courses for farmers, create more new models, makes the product more plastic wire, rope and also highlighting the rush ... Department of Trade and Industry Conference to support further training for 300 employees and 200 million loans.
In recent years, the cooperative handicrafts in Hau Giang Province has basically been actively producing materials throughout the year, in the direction of commodity production. Output consumption is also better resolved. The desire of the cooperative is now supported vocational training, loans with preferential interest rates, to develop and expand production scale.
Mr. Pham Van An, Head of Department of Industrial Management, Hau Giang Department of Trade and Industry, said Industry and Commerce to actively support the training issues, trade promotion for the conditional basis of the development of production . In addition to supporting skilled, Industry and Trade sectors are also provinces suggest more technical assistance, machinery, equipment and funding to make high quality products, creating a stable output for the base and Cooperative .
Resolved to support the work of training, equipment, technical and capital resources, Hau Giang province will create favorable conditions for the cooperative development of handicrafts expanded towards the production of goods, effective and sustainable. Thereby, the province will do good work for job creation, income generation and poverty alleviation in rural areas. /.

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