Hold fire for handicraft village Hung Thinh


(HNM) - Basketry grass in rural health Luu Thuong, Phu Tuc commune, Phu Xuyen district for many years has brought development major source of income for the household. Thanks to the profession, increasingly face of rural innovation, bustling village like town. Many businesses are thriving, the cargo container trips rattan abroad has brought to the people God Save prosperous life.

God Save The village has 429 households are all 100% of them are employed, with up to 10 large companies, others are the basis of small and medium producers. Now not only allows weaving flourished in rural Upper Save, but also extend to Phu Tuc commune and commune in Phu Xuyen district and beyond. Contribute to the development, scaling villages rattan, grass exporting fact today, there is a contribution, hands, enthusiasm, the role of Chairman of the Club Women entrepreneurs Phu Xuyen Nguyen Thi Luong, Director of bamboo and Rattan Co. Hien Luong exports.


God Save visited villages, look at the product, sexy style, variety and degree certificates, certificates of salary level she was awarded the outstanding achievement in professional development and business , from economic activities throughout the day starting a business to now I really admire the will and talent of this young entrepreneur. Director Luong said, at the end of 1990, she announced that Mr. Nguyen Van Luu, chairman of Agricultural Cooperatives Phu Tuc and a number of officials Phu Tuc is an agricultural cooperative in Quang Ninh introduce you bring some samples bamboo and rattan products, the fact guot locals to try. His intention is to save jobs for rural women in agricultural lowland Phu Xuyen its impoverished capital. Ms. Liang, head of the girl's pet save was one of the first test. Smart girl, love my job was tinkering persistence dismantle migrant sample repeatedly until proficient. The result was unexpected, from the simplest form to the most complex Wages are overcome. She became a salary of workers who transfer bamboo and rattan, the first international guot to Save Upper villagers. Since then training people to each other quickly that her salary was enthusiastically support her children. Save gradually from rural Upper bamboo and rattan, Fern spread economic development throughout Phu Tuc. Bamboo and rattan Cooperative Phu Tuc was established and put into operation by Nguyen Van Luu, founder of cooperative work. However, at that time cooperative work under the old mechanism, production and business efficiency not lack focus, low income. In 1993 she and her husband, Tran Luong Van Hien boldly moving materials, workshops paradigm of open houses, business and invite some of the workers doing the same ...

Capital is a creative woman, she traveled Claims labor market thorough understanding models, customer tastes to discover, create beautiful samples, are accepted by the customer. Besides, she always tinkering writing more new designs, eye catching consumer appeal. Thus, Ms. Liang won the design contest handicraft products Hanoi. In 1994 she received a large number of contracts made flower bouquets, flower bowls, utensils made of fiber guot family health. Production development, increasing the amount of product required and the number of workers in manufacturing face more widely. She has taught career, handing the initiative has sought to reach out to consumer products to foreign markets. Bamboo and rattan products, guot Save reality of God has been introduced through trade fairs and exhibitions accessible to many foreign customers. In 1998, due to production requirements, large consumption, she boldly established international export business guot Hien Luong, confirmed the brand in the market. Wicker Fern growing international reputation by the compact, rich design, convenient to use outside the domestic consumption market presence in many countries bring high profit to the village people. To form the satellite network, increasing the number of products to create jobs for many people, her salary has opened more vocational training for farmers in the district as the White House commune, Quang Lang, Khai Thai, Tri Thuy Tien Phuc, Nam Phong, Phu Xuyen town, Hong Thai, Van's. Besides her salary while training, purchasing products directly to people of application Hoa communes of the district, Ha Noi's Thanh Oai and has spread to all provinces as Hung Yen, Ninh Binh ... honorable thing, she Luong Prisons have to take vocational Peace for inmates.

Ms. Liang said the company employs approximately 6,000 employees with salaries between 3 and 5 million / month. Guot consumption market reality has its ups and downs, but overall consumption remained stable, potentially expanding the market in some other countries. Currently units are looking to add new models, innovative design, increased aesthetic tastes to customers own branding. It is important to always create company Hien Luong stable jobs for the people employed, consume products, fair payment for people building trust in a long time. Nguyen Thi Luu, Luu Thuong village, Phu Tuc many years or sticking with the job, the whole family with 7 sisters are doing weaving border allows, stable income from 3 to 4 million VND / person / month.

When asked after the success in business, what you most desire? Ms. Liang said: My greatest desire is to expand production and business premises. I want the land consolidation, land of the compact family received a large parcel box, requesting to convert a portion of the land area to make rattan production to production, favorable business . The company has projects from 1-2008 months and are looking forward to the level of interest, I was approved to expand the production scale.

Her desire is the current salary wishes of all households bamboo and rattan exports Luu Thuong village and people of Phu Tuc. Save the village secretaries Based Tran Minh Thuong confided: Due to the nature rattan and bamboo products, are exported to international guot used glue to harden the oil, ball products. So widespread production space is very important. We want the State concerned an area converted to Cropland professional development. This solution helps them "shallow cup, not in exile."


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