How to preserve rattan furniture?


Rattan furniture is quite common in many spaces of family life, however to use objects from durable woven bamboo mat, you need to know to preserve them properly.
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One drawback of this type of material rattan, bamboo is often mold and termites. Cause not only in the objects themselves, but part is also due to the use and preservation. There are two causes of the rattan furniture is moisture are: pre-processing step due to the complete product is good or not is by using environmental humidity is too big.
To prevent rattan furniture is moldy you should do 2 things:
1. The right product in the conditioning environment, to create a dry environment.
2. Avoid pouring water on bamboo and rattan products, wiping products often
If you want more, then spray thoroughly disinfected before use to kill all germs mold, termites in the product (noting that disinfection spray is harmful for health so as to spray right where wide open shut up for the product to disinfect and spray sealed within 24-48h)
And a number of ways to keep rattan furniture clean and new:
1. Should be cleaned with a small broom or soft cloth to avoid scratching or rubbing scratch items
2. Avoid spilling chemicals on supplies. If you accidentally drop a purple ink drops onto his chair, quickly cleaned immediately to avoid ink soaked into the material as it will be difficult to erase
3. Use soft cloth or absorbent sponge rubber a little soapy water to clean, avoid using strong detergents as it will damage the surface of the product
4. Wipe supplies at least once in year 1, you can use the computer to dust and dirt


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