Hyacinth weaving flourishes


The Thang commune, Vi Thuy district, Hau Giang province have a cooperative utilize waste plant is to produce water hyacinth handicraft items, creating jobs for hundreds of local workers.
After a busy season, of hyacinth weaving cooperative neighbors Tu thrilling than ever again. Many enlisted members to cut sun dried water hyacinth to keep knitting products delivered to the cooperative. Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Dung said about 3 years of income rather than not have to worry about the output as before. Thanks to basket weaving, I have income of $ 50,000 / day.


Tu Cooperative was established 4 years ago, but before it was over 10 years seniority. At first, only 60 workers on site and regular income by output product is not available, but now the members will be provided with woven wire and contract-all products.

People who did not knit can sell hyacinth is dried for cooperatives. On average, a good person can earn 70,000-80,000 dong per day, an ordinary skilled person can also earn 50,000 / day. Le Thi Ngoc Autumn Chairman said cooperatives, as a cooperative, free training will be within 40-60 days.

Ms. Tran Thi My million-share cooperative members: Not only training, the remaining members get loans to buy raw materials, invest in livestock, cultivation and also asked board of cooperative visits, encouragement mental illness or holidays. Subject, her own difficulties, because the loan is 10 million of capital should also managed to buy knitting and distribution wires, some medicines for the farm.

The handicraft items such as handbags of all kinds, and trees to be operatives wire knitwear collection sale for a number of establishments in the city of Ho Chi Minh processed, exported to Japan, Italy ... not just jobs for local labor, weaving cooperatives also developed to communes and neighboring districts. Private Vi Thuy district currently has over 350 regular workers involved in this profession.

Mr. Cao Thanh Nhuong- Deputy Chief LĐTBXH Vi Thuy district, said the district towards facilitating capital for cooperative development. In particular, the cooperative has approximately 5 qualified professional teaching classroom so the district has classes on knitting instructions are delivered to the cooperative. Percentage of students have jobs and a clown for about 80%, much higher than the other lines.

According to the assessment, the preliminary processing of water hyacinth as raw materials for the production of handicrafts in the Mekong Delta provinces are not new, but new in this cooperative is to help members develop integrated service of the "chain" joint production related to water hyacinth.

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