Hyacinth woven out of poverty thanks


In many rural poor in Vinh Long, Ben Tre, the sisters have found the joy of life from doing weaving water hyacinth handicraft goods. This work helps you have a stable income, poor drainage but not as hard as the job losses meals outsourcing contract, the winning party.
"From day to export woven water hyacinth as my life now stable," she Doan Thi Huyen, 31, said while cantering briskly slip the dried water hyacinth stems on black painted iron bars of the mold tightly below knees, between the legs. Her smile as bright when told of the hardships earlier date: "When that day tui hardy early to the fields when the sun chang chang, when the cold wind and rain, but the money is not there how many ". She sat next to you fast Huyen hand knitting, without looking face, looked up at guests, gushed: "Back then, I sometimes numerous distributed seeds and leaves when pruning plants, sun cots want to share that misery earnings also "male meal the meal." and now stable so long. Consider also realize, the river is like water hyacinth floating junk in the past, now you change your life to help us, have a stable life ". It is the base of Purple, 28. Both she and Violet are Huyen labor agents hyacinth weaving process, is located in Phuoc Dinh Hamlet 2 (Binh Hoa Phuoc commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province) by Lam Phuoc Thuan master.

Mr. Thuan said previously he do this job to other jobs, earn hard pieces of rice. Fortuitously and agents for processing woven water hyacinth for the base, from which a more stable life. To be acting as an agent, he Thuan movement, attracting a number of outsourcing workers knitting. To date, he has hand woven water hyacinth to 30 workers. The hyacinth weaving of workers being technicians of the company to teach. Since the "cross arm" so she, the sister who "bright", the three day school began executing operations knitting a fairly mature. And she or she learns more slowly, losing to a week cantering briskly also "skilled". She Hue Tam Duong, 50, said: "Formerly working tui new setbacks rice grass to eat, sometimes gaping who calls all week. From the day it made the damage is happy here." "Sung praises?", We asked. She smiled shyly: "A" sit cool golden bowl ". Say the word so. Damages to sit in a cool bag, who does a lot more money." We asked: "Do you knit a fortune average size 1mx0,30m enjoying how much money?". She Ly Thuy Nhu blurted: "25,000 dong". Ms. Ha Thi Hong said: "One day Xiu Xiu two, was 50,000. Doing business hours as ... public servants. Regarding the search for something free to do more, be more stable life."
Mr. Thuan said his agent only charge each item is woven water hyacinth buds into the jar. Hyacinth drying and molding iron delivery basis. Themed just below the knee grip mold between calf and thigh, then knit until hyacinth covered the whole campus as required. Aboriginal finished product, he Thuan sun. Good sun exposure three sunny, rainy days longer. If the mold, to scrub moldy, dried again. Is it dry, he painted Thuan delivery basis. Complete a crude product, he is entitled to 2,000 dong. In addition, he also enjoyed commissions 2,000 VND / products. Average weekly basis Thuan assign 150 raw products. This product has been put on the basis of Nguyen Trong Hieu "o closing" for good and moved the company to examine many aspects, PU before release.
Mr. Nguyen Trong Hieu, former JSC worker production business exporting handicrafts, Vinh Long, is located in Hoa Phu Industrial Park (Long Ho District, Vinh Long). Another time, due to poor health, his resignation, please do the processing facility handicraft goods Trong Hieu (affiliated company) in two neighborhoods, towns Cho Lach (Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province ). Since then was 13 years. As satellites is 7 basis Hieu agents, each agent average of 30 to 50 workers. 6 other agent of Ben Tre province, only his agent Thuan, although in the district on Long Lake but Phuoc Dinh hamlet of the town of just over 10km Cho Lach. Production basis Hieu 2 items: fortune average crude rose rough and pot handles. Currently, Mr. Hieu basis of further developing agents in Three Wat (Mo Cay Bac District, Ben Tre).
Mr Hieu said this land jobs women hack erratic, accompanied by persistent poverty. Hyacinth weaving work to help create jobs in their spare time. Water hyacinth is a species of herbaceous plants, floating down the river or the pond gathering places, ditches. At about three months old, hyacinths step into adulthood, about 60cm long stems. It is the best time to harvest it, cuts close to the original, tie leaves, sun dried for two or three meals, a raw material producing handicrafts. Kinds of handicrafts from trunk shui seminar were our fellow "enlightened" from decades, helping many people do not have a job, uneducated, landless production company employment stability. It is a poverty reduction is quite effective for rural women. Someone skilled, diligent, hardworking, true 8-hour work day, a minimum income of 65,000 VND - 70,000 VND, Mr Hieu revealed.
Where is entitled only from the finished product, the first apprentice workers are free from technician training company. Besides, in some places, local women's associations lunch money to support 25,000 / day for an employee. In 6 months or more, the company's public children's first day of school textbooks; major holidays, Lunar New Year, gift company. Labour for the first year, the company bought medical insurance. Those who show signs of poor health is ... stop doing so because the company set the care workers on top. We can say the production company share trading handicraft exports Vinh Long always wanted to have a good life's work, their products must comply with strict production processes, high-tech, sample bold aesthetic codes and product safety. Hyacinth materials, chemicals supplied by the company, the company offers absolutely no harmful chemicals for workers to use. The company has multiple facilities throughout the province from South to North, each of which is a production company selected items of particular localities. Khanh Hoa strongest example of rattan, bamboo, banana; Mekong Delta hyacinth strong (especially the Hau Giang, Dong Thap, Vinh Long); Ben Tre coconut products such as coconut overalls, straw coconut, ...; Vung Liem (Vinh Long), Tra Vinh strong woven products from strabismus ... All company products are made for the group to roll away IKIA many European countries. Mr Hieu said so.

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