Introduction and lacquer painting handicraft furniture in France


40 contemporary lacquer large and more than 200 craft exhibits characteristics of villages, ethnic minorities in Vietnam are on display, the exhibition presented at The Crafts and job creation in Marseille, City, southern France.
This is a work by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam Embassy in the French city of Marseille coordinating organization within the framework of Vietnam Year in France in 2014 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Attending the opening of the exhibition "Lacquer Crafts and Vietnam" on 20-2 with Deputy Mayor of Marseille Roca Serra, representative bodies, local authorities, associations and hundreds of friends , public Marseille.

Natural material crafts Vietnam bringing something new to the eyes of the French.
Welcome Speech In Vietnam in France in 2014, Mr. Roca Serra, Deputy Mayor of Marseille City, expressed his pleasure at the impressive presence, Vietnam colors of Marseille at this time, as this exhibition is a continuation the connection is good cooperation between Marseille and Vietnam, especially in education and health. He also recalled the good memories of Vietnam during his visit in 2012, and closeness to the Vietnam community in Marseille.

Representatives of the Embassy of Vietnam in France thanks to the support of the city government Marseille, emphasizing that it is one of three major events that concern the Government of Vietnam Vietnam deployment in France. This is a contribution to the cultural diversity of Marseille - "European Capital Culture 2013" - through the introduction of cultural heritage and diverse traditions combined with modern tradition to create the artisans and artists in Vietnam.

Representatives of the Embassy of Vietnam in the French city of Marseilles and introduction to the exhibition.
Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to introduce visitors to the exhibition a number of representative works of 40 contemporary lacquer large and more than 200 craft exhibits characteristics of villages, many Vietnam ethnic minorities.
Many visitors attend the exhibition opening expression deeply impressed scales, alluring beauty that mysterious glowing picture of the contemporary lacquer, rich colors and exquisite craft display work expressed as ceramics, rattan, silver.

Refinement of Vietnam handicrafts attract visitors from the opening day.
From now until the day 20-3, TP people in Marseilles, France, and elsewhere in our international friends will have the opportunity to learn about a lot of traditional craftsmanship, a feature and an integral part of cultural heritage of the people of Vietnam.
Crafts exhibitors and job creation is an address cultural prestige of the city of Marseille, dedicated to the public exchanges between the creative arts and traditional artists.

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