Keep in rattan country soul


From the bamboo, rattan fiber rustic, through skillful hands, talented artisans village of Vinh Phu, Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district has become the chandeliers, lamps, vases, portraits just ... unique and subtle.
- Rattan products is one of the "specialty" as nostalgically footsteps of visitors who come to the land of Phu Vinh.
Persistence keeps job
To Phu Vinh early harvest, the village road was littered with straw-scented rice. First of many homes, workers of all ages painstakingly woven baskets, rattan tray, bamboo. Exposing the new grain harvest is complete batch, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, neighbors Go Dau Phu Vinh village with three small children to carry the supplies enlist knitting. Ms. Ha said: "Listen now rattan income is not high but still the largest source of income to spend family". Ha her home has 5 inhabitants, the average income of the family from rattan reach about 4.5 to 5 million / month.
Sticking with bamboo and rattan decades, artisan Nguyen Van Tinh, Phu Vinh village sadly could not remember the "golden age" of the village. He said, the period 2000 - 2007, Phu Vinh village always bustling manufacturing air. At that time, bamboo and rattan exports to the markets of Eastern Europe, USA, Japan ... so every run, all households in the village are employed. Average income per worker at that time reached 100,000 / day.
However, from 2008 to now, due to the impact of the economic downturn, bamboo and rattan products exports decreased markedly. Tinh's family moves to a production of domestic consumption as baskets, trays, shelves ... for each product from 200000-1000000 dong.Theo statistics of Phu Nghia commune, the commune has 2,400 households, of which more than 80% of households are still making bamboo and rattan. Also, in the communes around 10 companies operating Ltd. acquisition, export commodity. Although the production was difficult but bamboo and rattan still bring regular income and contribute to improving people's lives. Currently the price of skilled labor around 100,000 VND / day, ordinary workers 60000-70000 / day. Therefore, the persistence of households still hold bamboo and rattan have hundreds of years of tradition locally.
Innovation for development
Phu Vinh At present, besides the house roof moss, the fresh green bamboo, many high-rise buildings have sprouted nicely brings a new look to the countryside. And interestingly, though not noisy, crowded as in previous years, the production of the village of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan are focusing in-depth with many innovative breakthroughs in design, quality products.
Artisan Nguyen Van Trung, Chairman of the Artisan Club, skilled craftsmen villages of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan share: Before rattan products used primarily in art ornaments, souvenirs. But so far, Phu Vinh village mechanic tinkering, creativity, improve product applications. In particular, products like lamps, chandeliers, vases, furniture, fruit trays, picture frames, photo frames ... the market has been well received.
Also, recently, the artisan Nguyen Van Trung Nguyen Van Son, son, Bachelor of Fine Arts University also studied industrial, civil engineering applications paintings rattan. To date, two father he completed over 300 paintings in various sizes, including portraits of Uncle Ho x 1.6 x 1.4 m size has a unit of Chuong My district purchased for $ 70 million earlier this month 5/2013. "Paintings by rattan currently favored by the market, each product is made to order, just worry no power to do" - he shared Middle excited.
One thing is valuable, material handling techniques in the traditional way is still preserved and enhanced in order to increase the uniqueness of the product. It is a technique used boiled bamboo, rattan, stretch to reduce the amount of sugar glucose, or natural color techniques to give terminally immersion by creating black mud, processing of green leaf coloring, hun smoke straw to create shiny brown ... because keeping culture than most of the products are Vietnamese village of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan are so many agencies and organizations in order to give as gifts especially diplomatic gifts.
Speaking about the prospects of the village, Nguyen Dinh Hoan, careers officers Phu Nghia proved very optimistic: "Craft rattan lost not worry because this item is very popular and many countries are steps vigorously ". To promote the development of the village, Phu Nghia commune show actively implement the branding for products and seek to attract tourists to the village.

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