Kim Son rush art


Kim Son is the papyrus plant, handmade papyrus oldest and well-known in the North. Is the art of Kim Son sedge were present in more than 20 countries and territories around the world.
About Kim Son (Ninh Binh) on summer days in June, as well as grain season, one can easily recognize the faint scent, sweet and floral in aroma rush of rice.
According to people in the area told, Umbrella Sedge in Kim Son has nearly two centuries. In former times, gone through a hundred years of sea dykes, the Kim Son has created the vast alluvial rush to grow.
When flowers bloom white parrots on the coastal alluvial's when farmers began cutting the trees of the field. Freshly harvested sedge is highly fragmented, dried and brought to market, and from there follow the weaving villages reference to the flower. Gradually, beginning from the initial job is to make reference, the Kim Son started manufacturing jobs more items of bamboo handicrafts for export.
In addition to products made of bamboo also products made of water hyacinth (hyacinth).
According to the Department of Trade and Industry Kim Son district, in 2011, the total acreage of the district's rush 2 384.3ha services, chopped dried papyrus output reached 3,125 tons a year, producing more than 23 thousand kinds of products ...
Currently, the district has 23 villages and tens rush of large and small businesses. These businesses are the bridge between the villages with domestic and overseas markets in the production and consumption of products. In addition, over time, these organizations are now trained more than 800 skilled workers, not only meet the needs of local labor, but also for a number of neighboring provinces such as Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa ...
Mr. Do Nhu Phong, Director of Production Enterprise Dynamic export goods rush in Kim Son said that despite the economy downturn, but the volume of papyrus art of Kim Son has increased steadily and rapidly consuming the market schools, bringing income from 2-3 million / month for employees.
The reason for the rush of Kim Son handicraft markets, especially foreign markets is preferred because the product is made of natural materials, environmentally friendly, durable, multi-shapes and colors identity that cheap cost.
To get a sedge handicraft products export standards, plant engineering and production of the Kim Son sedge rather extraordinary. It is a meticulous process, meticulous and accurate right from the papyrus plant, papyrus harvesting, selecting rush, rush chopped, sun sedge, sedge dyeing ... until the last stitch is knitting and finishing products. Typically polyascera techniques used spray adhesive coating sedge products, has helped shape a stable industrial designs, while improving the ability to resist mold, moisture products, especially in the transport process through thousands of kilometers by sea during shipment abroad. Whereby the art of Kim Son sedge ensure the quality to consumers, contributing greatly to improving competitiveness on international markets.
Also, to get the nice designs to meet customer tastes, businesses rush production was also known to coordinate closely with partners to brainstorm ideas and designs. After that, the design will be ordered by the village artisans try and when standards will guide, delivered to households mass production then transferred to the outsourcing business for the last time .
We can say, businesses rush art production in Kim Son is not only sensitive to market, but also that cleverly combines traditional techniques with new technologies in production, so have met most all the requirements of our partners, including orders requiring high technical requirements or have completed in the shortest possible time.
So far, the Kim Son seagrass handicrafts have been exported to over 20 countries and territories. And that success can not just stop here, but go further.

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