Knitting the Tam Giang Village


In windy areas hun Tam Giang, Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien district, Thua Thien - Hue, an ancient village called with Vast. Many people know this place as the "furnace" provide baskets, happy, angry, and ready ... for the vast lagoon, but few doubt that the village spent knitting Vast history of over 600 years with many variables try, ups and downs that kept the craft from the open world.

In search of history
Ancestors have a saying: "The ground surface sample surface with a non-professional in". Perhaps more than anyone else, people with sight Vast poignant "fish tailed" on the lagoon waves so as to search for a job to survive alone. Besides farming and fishing the lagoon weaving rattan came to the village and became a traditional one life to the other end with a length of 600-odd years. Thai Ngoc effect, the owner of a household "rely" solely on weaving, face proudly told me about the milestone gives form of his village "in 1491, in Hong map Germany defined geographical Vast village of Dan Dien Phu Oc total. 1804, at the address of Gia Long, Vast village of Quang Dien district. Arrive in 1917, when king Khai Dinh round 40, has assumed command of of 3 first Emperor ordained them out farming career out of the village. Hence, tui village is one of the oldest villages in Thua Thien second this parish and that! ... ".
Impact heard him say that, in the mind of a traveler from afar - as I, so many emotions ripple. Strangely, spent more than six centuries condensed form with many events, district name, province name and country names change but the Vast village is still there, still, a village of traditional agriculture and rattan bamboo of the open world. Perhaps, in the Vast, generations, from birth until returning to the land above the noise grew claw crackers, bamboo splitting of the parent frequency of algae inside the small house. And also no less strange, until now, the traditional products such as baskets, hot nia, baskets, happy ... same thought had disappeared before rolling Messages modern products, but still present everywhere, became the pride of the village.
Speaking of Vast village's weaving, he said Thai Ngoc Author: "Listen to him recount her pocket, old, Vast village are engaged in weaving. Whatever just finished the season as the carrying out of bamboo for knitting . pitch time, the village has 6 neighbors Vast, each specializing in a commodity neighbors: Hamlet temple relocation of population; Market neighborhood folklore, screening, specializing in woven baskets eastern neighbor, the Good; neighbors house and neighbors Hop specialized baskets, weaving all kinds; neighbors lead story nia, baskets, happy ... ". Listen to what effect he said, I like to see the village's deceased former Vast as is still evident until now crowded with people, who buy. If "concluded" the cause of the existence durability, incredible toughness of a village, perhaps, could only say: Through hands and minds with his diligence, the migrants Vast built a prosperous village of rice and bamboo.
"The legend of" romantic
In search of "accumulation" of weaving in the Vast is a long story with many details colored romantic thriller. Stories that: In Once upon a time in the past, a village boy Vast armies to join the pro street king kill the enemy. End of main battle, the soldiers returned to the village to act as a single page shrimp ignored. He told the villagers that once his party encamped in a rural area also has many lagoons, rivers trellised, and then he met secretly in love with a girl there.
Life nomad soldiers did not allow meaningful commitment sea words of the couple come true. They broke up in regret. Memorabilia she donated the soldier was a shrimp ignore the following advice: "When we forget to ignore each other down." Posted Stopping the return home, the soldiers ignored the shrimp that bears the same relationship to the village dreaming. Trade distant daughter, afraid the shrimp ignore corrupted over time, he decided to keep mementos of love by "breeding" the ignoring of the village as a profession. From time to time, from the shrimp ignore many other wicker products launched and connected together into traditional village without noticing.
I heard mention of this romantic love story, a local colleague who I bumped into in the village of Bao La - claiming that it was "in love like that," and often weaving back and forth with the daily Vast - smiling "story is Vast fairy village or not, tui unknown, but one thing is for sure, so far, the village had 380 families that each home is also associated with weaving." "Mounting the profession has for many centuries, to the present time, many lives have been transformed with the same products but are made of modern materials, according to him, the village has continued Vast living weaving through it? "- I asked him and his colleagues received the answer: "It has been living with modern amenities as well as a few teeth to forget his roots. Tui said that it wants to" operate "on the fate of the product Vast weaving village. Indeed, since the country opened, rattan and bamboo villages Vast emanating from places in the provinces, suddenly stopped. then the child with positive, had flashed a path. During the recovery process of traditional villages, villages Bao La rattan has gradually "come alive" and carry out market, integration into modern life on the foundation of traditional culture . Certainly, with enthusiasm and love for his profession, who worked in the village of La how far will progress, progress steadily ... ".

Basketry "global integration"
Talking to me about the development of the village, Mr. Vo Van Dinh, chairman of the Cooperative Vast Bamboo and Rattan said, long ago, local leaders mindset, to the lives of workers knitting pretty to require product diversification towards more traditional bold. That is the new direction for the village. Currently, most households in the Vast profession has produced household goods, has produced handicrafts cater to tourists and exported hundreds of models, many of which have reached the level model sophisticated.
Not long ago, an expert of the European trade organization, because the "fans" are the product of exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic of the Vast village helped villages create 6 new sample basket bloom, assorted decorative hanging lights .... "at the exhibition of traditional handicrafts held in Ha Noi last 16 units of rattan nationwide contest the Vast is a 4 units in a line selected exhibitions in Europe ... in addition to Europe, we find the channel brought their products to introduce to the fairs in the country such as the UK, France, Thailand, Japan ... "- Mr. Vo Van Dinh proud.
Following Mr. Dinh, my family visited Nguyen Thi Thuy, a prominent Aboriginal Vast village. Just cantering briskly hand knitting, she has said: "Basketry feat that much, my uncle! Want basket weaving is a good place to bag Pho Trach, An Cu Bi Lo or to take, buy Si Hien bamboo , saw sharpeners take root segments lining the rim. paragraph split between pickets nan nan knitted quilt. Particularly near the tops song more than to bend the split pieces into his mouth and tingle basket rim. Finally hui fire burning on bamboo straw, for basket catches fire yellowing cumbersome kitchen smoke against termites ... ". As if "examples" of what the feats of his career to pursue, she Thuy spread out a quilt basket, using ballast toes back and take a hard bamboo corner, trauma to the eye quilt, then use the stick cui tapping bamboo, bamboo end of the square tightly together tightly.
View Thuy she did, I thought, no wonder the basket of the village as Vast as they say, the powder does not fall through, as the folk songs were handed down from hundreds of years in central strip: "La barrels brought to quote containing powder / Binh Dinh Chieu good one dear ...". And what cowards, all kinds of household items villages Vast though the verge of invading the market of aluminum items gaudy plastic flowers wolves that still stands. Seemingly paradoxical, but obviously a good, durable too, people buy fewer replacement and do not know, in modern times, "paradox" is whether there is a fairy? ...
Goodbye ... Vast village, in I always think about the "paradox" becomes unclear deceased or will coexist forever weaving village and fairy tale about soldiers who "cleared" Vast weaving village - if the character is real - now into the ancient heavenly. Surely he'd bring the troops ignore the love shrimp with waterborne village girl in a historical old days of the cold desert region. Knitting is just stay forever with Vast ...

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