Links cooperatives and village enterprises - Solution to boost trade promotion


Currently we have about 18 296 water cooperatives, 50 Union Cooperative (Cooperative), 360,000 cooperative groups and nearly 2,000 villages in 46 activity sectors under 5 different career sectors basic agriculture and forestry; fisheries; food industry; construction; industrial and handicraft.
Important to distinguish between particular traits and business cooperative
  According to Nguyen Xuan Hien - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, now in rural areas across the country with 8,681 agricultural cooperatives and unions 16 agricultural cooperatives, of which more than 49% full-scale social cooperatives ; 12% scale inter-communal co-operatives. So between agricultural cooperatives and household production occupations intimate relationship, the majority of households are cooperative members, between the cooperative and the member households share the same goals products, household can process material or product details for cooperatives. To improve the efficiency of production operations and associated business, need to be researched and clearly recognize the strengths and unique difference between cooperatives and businesses in the village, on the basis that assigned activities associated , co-production, proper business to create more high-quality products. The assignment could reasonably rely on the following criteria: Cooperative is coordinating the state support for science and technology education, is a popular place and improve the quality of research products help businesses, household application into production; Cooperatives also where service providers of raw materials and output services to businesses and households in the village, is a popular place for environmental protection awareness in villages, carry out the treatment model environment for the village, to help replicate the model guidance for businesses and households and implementing enterprise and households in villages where the production of new products, product sample offers at the request of the consumer.
  The assignment of links and cooperation must be evaluated on the basis of economics clearly delimited, fair results and cooperative work between enterprises in order to maximize the 4 elements of production technology product equipment, people, information and organizations create sustainable linkages between cooperatives and businesses in the village.
  Branding: The weakness of the village businesses
  According to the Association of the village, the branding of products represents businesses and villages are now very weak. Many products of high aesthetic expression of the national identity of handicrafts is not known to customers. Many beauty products, which are created by meticulously but no brand should have missed the copyright of artists. So cooperation is needed between the village business branding to ensure and promote the competitiveness of their products.
  Mr. Nguyen Van Vien wooden handicrafts enterprises Paint East City. Bac Ninh share: to preserve and develop the village, the village HTX- Association to create a bridge for small and medium businesses in the village have participated conditions fairs and seminars; sightseeing opportunities, advertising, product introduction, market expansion. Currently, many products offer insufficient consumption demand but difficult because no brand or business, artists no conditions for the entire heart, the entire investment in artistic creativity, enhance product quality and contribute to creating jobs for village employees.
  The fact that, in order to carry out the cooperative links and village enterprises, must first overcome thoughts are fragmented, small, snatching; sympathy and shared commitment to cooperate to ensure credibility in the business to improve the competitiveness of each product. It is working closely linked to contribute to the conservation and village development and trade promotion industry.

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