Long Thanh Trung Cooperative rattan is more difficult


(BTNO) - Cooperative rattan Long Thanh Trung commune, Hoa Thanh district has 25 members, representing 25 households specializing in rattan export industry, with 90 skilled workers.
In recent years, board of cooperative actively sourcing materials, contact partners search for product output and coordinate branches function as a bridge to businesses to boost production business, maintain operations.
Besides, there are cooperative levels, industry investment and development assistance, such as approval for preferential loans of the Bank for Social Policies district with 430 million; Department of Agriculture & Rural Development district and commune equipped with 3 drilling machine, one cutting machine, polishing machine combines paint drums and 2 compression; training organizations registered trademarks, tax reporting, the Cooperative Law ...

In addition, the members also equip themselves with some extra machinery, materials needed to make the product quality, market acceptance.
Total quarterly revenue reached an average of 1.62 Cooperative billion, after subtracting the cost of materials, the profit was about 540 million. This translates into an average per worker members and benefit from products made from 2.5 million to 3 million / month.
However, according to Mr Ho Ngoc Quoi - Chairman of the Central Cooperative rattan Long Thanh, cooperatives currently struggling due to market prices fluctuate and affect the production efficiency and profitability of members.
Moreover, bamboo and rattan resources increasingly scarce, rising transportation costs, while output prices are not stable. A number of the cooperative machinery was too old so their products are not sophisticated, difficult to compete with the products of other places ...


Nguyen An:

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